Key Events

Before a lifeboat station was established at Wick in 1848 many rescues took place off the coast. Silver Medals for gallantry were awarded to:

1828 Andrew Lake, Coastguard
1839 Robert MacAlister
1847 James Wishart
1848 Mr W Williamson

1848 The lifeboat station was established by the British Fishery Society, which provided three lifeboats between 1848 and 1895.

1857 A Silver Medal was awarded to Commander John Tudor RN for the attempted rescue of the crew of the galliot Vronia Santina in a storm on 9 September. Due to the conditions, three of the lifeboat crew were swept overboard; two were rescued but Alexander Bain drowned. The lifeboat lost most of her oars and the boat was swept ashore at the harbour entrance.

1860 A second Silver Medal was awarded to Captain Tudor RN for the rescue of two people from the sloop Maria, which was wrecked during a heavy gale on 20 November.

1895 The RNLI took over the station from the Harbour Trustees.

1905 While attempting to assist a coble on 11 April the lifeboat was thrown on to the rocks. The crew were all rescued without injury.

1913 The station was temporarily closed while a new lifeboat station was built.

1916 A new lifeboat house and slipway were completed. Due to delays caused by the First World War the motor lifeboat did not arrive until 1921.

1921 The lifeboat station was re-opened.

1942 A Bronze Medal was awarded to Coxswain Neil Stewart for the rescue of 31 people from the tug St Olaves and a motor barge Gold Crown that went aground on 21 September.

1984 A Bronze Medal was awarded to Coxswain/Mechanic Donald McKay for the rescue of three crew and saving a 28ft salmon coble on 25 June.

1988 The boathouse was adapted for the Tyne class lifeboat.

1989 A crew room and toilet facilities were built in the boathouse.

1991 The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Coxswain Walter McLeod McPhee for assisting and escorting the P&O ferry St Rognvald on 5 March for over nine hours in storm force conditions.

1992 The Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum was awarded to Coxswain Walter McLeod McPhee and Acting Second Coxswain Ian Alexander Cormack for the rescue of two crew from the fishing vessel Wave Dancer, which ran aground and sank in rough seas on 11 May.

1994 The lifeboat was placed on moorings in the inner harbour.

1997 A new shore facility was completed in August.

1998 A commemorative Vellum was awarded to the station to mark the 150th anniversary of the station.

Station honours

At Wick lifeboat station the following awards have been made:

Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum 3

Bronze Medal 2

Silver Medal 6