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 Those interested in impressing others with their intelligence play chess. Those who would settle for being chic play backgammon. Those who wish to become individuals of quality, take up Go.

     - Microcomputer Executive and an expert player, when asked to compare Go with other games


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2-18-08 2:10 pm

Have a nice announcement. I've been bugging the webmaster at the AGA website to list us as an official chapter for a while now and it's finally been put up. You can see us on the list of clubs and chapters for Kansas here. A good thing for me is that I now have a key for the room that we use on Monday so I don't have to run around an hour before the meeting trying to find someone to open up the room. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting tonight.

2-11-08 2:16 am

New meeting time. Mondays at 8 pm in room 247 in Jabara Hall on WSU campus. The meetings on Thursdays will keep going as they have been.

1-6-08 3:12 pm

We will be giving free teaching games and beginner lessons to anyone that wants them. Come by and learn the game that Confucius himself played!