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Advisory Boards

WiCC VISTA Projects are required to have an advisory board that meets the following criteria:
-51% of the board is made up of low-income individuals
-at least 5 board members
-meets at least 3 times a year
Beyond the criteria listed above, each WiCC VISTA site is free to create a board that best fits their needs.  An advisory board is a great sounding board, a way for the VISTA to be connected to many parts of the campus and community, and a tool that can help sustain the projects beyond VISTA funding.

Creating a board that suits your project will require some creative thinking on your part. An advisory board does not have to be called such. It could be an action committee, a youth organization, or any other name that sounds inviting to your attendees. Think about the barriers that those you serve might be facing. Then try to remove those barriers when planning your meeting. Try offering a meal and childcare, and choosing a location that is accessible and inviting to all community members. You may also host multiple meetings to accommodate different schedules. 
Some resources that might help with your advisory board:
Sample agenda from an advisory board meeting

Resources on how to facilitate meetings:
1. How to Facilitate an Effective Meeting
This resource is a simple checklist on how to run a meeting. A
quick must-read.

2. The Secret of Effective Meetings
This resource is an in-depth guide on how to be more assertive
during meetings without stepping on anyone’s toes.

3. How to Run an Effective Meeting
This resource from Inc. explains how to run different kinds of meetings.

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