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Be sure to share helpful financial tips here!

We've gathered several helpful websites that contain savings and budgeting tips to supplement and stretch our limited VISTA Living Allowances:
  • Feed the Pig - Great tips for saving money and budgeting. Sign-up for their free weekly e-mail and watch the piggy bank get fed! 
  • Mint will help in track your spending.  You're able to link your accounts and, in return, it generates you a breakdown of your spending. You can see just how much you're actually spending at the shopping mall or Starbucks each month, and then maybe the thrift store clothes look a bit more appealing.
  • Google Financial Planning Documents - If you prefer to manage your finances on your own Google Docs has some helpful Financial Planning templates to use.
  • Treasuring Thrift: "In Cheap We Trust" {NPR} - Here's an interesting article about living thrifty and the mindset involved! 
  • 6 Expenses You Should Never Put on a Credit Card - As VISTAs, it can be tempting to use a credit card more often than we'd like.  Here's a helpful list of items to never put on a credit card. 
  • Three Financial Aid Resources for Public Service People - has some helpful resources for public service people like VISTAs to help with finances.  Check out their three best resources.
VISTAs are eligible to take part in term life insurance coverage during their term of service through a small payroll deduction.  Term Life insurance can be a way to protect those you love financially if something unexpected were to happen.  Monitor the life insurance beneficiaries through the AmeriCorps Portal website.  The life insurance coverage terminates 31 days after the date your service ends. During those 31 days you may convert to an individual policy without a physical examination. The conversion form may be obtained from your CNCS State Office. 
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