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Reports help WICC to measure progress and give direction to the program. We use this data to report to the CNCS and to write future grants, so your reporting is integral to our continued success!
The WiCC VISTA Program has two types of reports: Quarterly and Monthly. In advance of each month's deadline, you will receive an email containing that month's report (to be opened with Adobe Reader).

Monthly reports are generally due the first Monday of the month unless stated otherwise on the calendar.  VISTA members write and submit the monthly report to the WiCC office, emailing any attachments.  Keep in mind you do not need to complete monthly reports during the months that quarterly reports are due.

Quarterly reports are due the following months: October, January, April, and July.  The quarterly report captures the work of a 3 month period, for example the quarterly report due in October would report on activities completed July-September.  Quarterly reports are written by the VISTA and supervisor.  The supervisor must submit the report by the second Tuesday in the month.

To see the schedule of due dates for the reports,  click here.
For your convenience, we have created links to the reports on this page. Here is a list of report terminology for you to review when completing reports.