Welcome to WICArch!

Please note we are in the process of migrating both the website and the listserv to a new home.  To sign-up for our new listserv hosted by ACM, please follow these steps:

1. Join SIGARCH/SIGMICRO (you don't need to be a full ACM member -- you can join a SIG only which is pretty cheap!)

2. Update your gender in your myACM account (create/activate account as needed)

Student members: if you log into myACM, you should see a “My Student Profile” on the left menu.  This is where you can specify gender. 

Professional members: if you log into myACM, you should see a “My Professional and Technical Interest Profile” on the left menu you.  This is where you can specify gender. 

3. Accept to receive emails from ACM:

In myACM, under “My Contact Information”, “Email Policy”, “Current preference” should have the box “Please send me ACM Announcements via email” checked.


Women in Computer Architecture (WICArch) is private email list welcome to all women interested in the field of computer architecture. We welcome all students, post docs, researchers, faculty members, or hobbyists.

The email list (currently with ~150 subscribers) is a forum in which members are free to discuss upcoming conferences (including roommate searches and organizing meet-ups), the job market (for those hiring and seeking employment), current research, and other topics relevant to women in computer architecture.

In addition, we are developing a public archive of resources on this site.  If you have suggestions or material you would like to contribute, please contact us at wicarch.owner@gmail.com.