Instrument Rentals and Purchases

The supply of school owned instruments is limited, so we suggest that you provide an instrument for your child.  Although we will try to accommodate students who demonstrate need (e.g. those in our state confirmed free lunch program), our supply may not be able to handle the demand.  Therefore, we suggest that you consider one of the many rental options provided if at all possible.  Rental Forms are available in the band room

Companies tend to run out of instruments as the summer wears on, we strongly advise you to reserve your Fall rental now  if you and your child have made the decision to participate in the instrumental music program. 

Buying an instrument
The cost of buying an instrument can be a great investment.  The following list represent quality instruments that will help your child learn to play.  A cheaper instrument that doesn't play properly will frustrate a beginner.  They will feel that the problem is them, not the inferior instrument.  A quality instrument will increase the learning curve dramatically.  It is also a great investment as they depreciate very little over time. 
The list of recommended instruments is being updated at this time. 
Please check back soon.