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Welcome to The Washington Irving Band Website 2013-2014!
We love checklists!! We know what our goal is, how to get there, and if we're on the right path at all times! 
For more info read the following books:
Creativty: The Psychology of Discovery and Invention
 The Checklist Manifesto:  How to Get Things Right
The Art of Practicing: How to Make Music From the Heart
Our Clarinet Groups would like to share our Warm-Up Checklist:

Warm Up Checklist


Blow long tones forever (at least 8 counts)!! 

Nothing too hard

or that makes me have to

think about fingerings

or how to play the notes. 

I want to be mindful of

the following only:


  • Sit up straight with relaxed shoulders.
  • Have your bottom forward in the seat.
  • Have your feet flat on the ground.  Flat foot floogie with the Floy! Floy!
  • Feel like you are leaning slightly forward.
  • Bring the instrument to you. Do not bend forward.
  • Keep your arms relaxed, but not resting on your legs.

    Breath Control 

    • No puffy cheeks
    • Breathe in through your nose with a Yoga breath
    • Fill your tank (lungs).
    • Relax your shoulders.
    • Blow evenly.


    • Keep the corners of your mouth wide.
    • Bottom lip is slightly tucked under.
    • Blow against the reed.
    This list raises many questions and answers: 
    To be mindful is to clear one's mind and only think about the task at hand.  In this case, we play long notes that are familiar and think only about our Posture, Breath Control, and Embouchure.  Embouchure is the way our mouth's muscles, ligaments, and tendons form to hold the mouthpiece properly in place.   
    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Small Goups Concert.
     Gentle Giant        Yusef Lateef
    Cissy Strut          The Funky Meters
    Hey Bulldog        The Beatles
    My Blues Solo        Neal Spitzer
    Dona Nobis Pacem        Traditional
    The Cup Song        Lulu and The Lampshades
    Can't Stop The Rock        Apollo 440
    Gavotte Duet        A. Corelli
    Dancing Queen    ABBA
    Theme from William Tell Overture        G. Rossini
    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy        J. Zawinul
    Sweet Rolls       W. Barnett 
    arranged by The Haynes
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik        W. A. Mozart
    Beethoven's 5th    Beethoven   
    Coltranes and Mobleys
    Pink Panther        H. Mancini 
    March Slav        Tchaikovsky
    Yellow Submarine        The Beatles   
    Pet Rock        Wally Barnett
    arranged by The Cobbs
    Can Can        J. Offenbach
    Dodds and Armstrongs
    Compadre Pedro Juan       L. Alberti
    What are we working on?
    Cobbs and Haynes
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     What is expected of me?
    (1)    Attending a weekly in-school lesson
    (2)    Attending a weekly after school rehearsal
    (3)    Practicing my instrument at home 
    Details for how your child's in-school and after school lesson works can be found by clicking below:
    Important Dates for 2013-2014

    Winter Concert for Stage Band and Concert Band  – December 12th at 7pm

    Small Groups Concert for Band/Stage Band – March 19th at 7pm

    Spring Concert for Band/Stage Band – May 14th at 7pm

    Jazz in the Courtyard for Stage Band - June 3rd at 6pm

    Beginning Band Concert (Culmination of the M&M program) - June 13th at 9am

    Click on the links below to find: