CIN Philosophy of Neuroscience (PONS) Group

Group Leader:  Prof. Hong Yu Wong

The philosophy of neuroscience is an exciting discipline that sits at the boundary of cognitive neuroscience and traditional philosophy of mind. New analytic techniques have led to a cornucopia of information from the neurosciences in recent years. Philosophical work on mind and action will need to be highly sensitive both to the precise parameters of these empirical findings, as well as the concepts, distinctions, frameworks, and questions that have been established by philosophers over the years. The CIN Philosophy of Neuroscience (PONS) group aims to contribute to this rapprochement between philosophy and neuroscience. 

The current foci of the group’s investigations are: (1) Embodied Agency, (2) Embodiment: Body Perception and Body Representation, (3) Self-Consciousness, Self-Knowledge, and Self-Representation, (4) Foundations of Empirically Informed Philosophy of Mind, and (5) Methodology, Explanation, and Reduction.

PONS Members and Affiliates (with current research areas):
PONS Members
Chiara Brozzo (Assistant Professor) - action production and action understanding, aesthetics of perfumes
Denis Buehler (Assistant Professor) - naturalising action
John Dorsch (MA student) - cognitive phenomenology and metacognition
Daniel Gregory (Postdoc) - dreams and delusions
Malte Hendrickx (MA Student) - utilitarianism and moral psychology
Gregor Hochstetter (PhD student) - action production and inhibition, affordances
Yibin Liang (academic visitor) - Kant and the philosophy of attention
Roberta Locatelli (Humboldt Fellow) - philosophy of perception, especially disjunctivism
Vivienne Mayer (BSc student) - cognitive science of architecture
Krisztina Orban (Postdoc) - first person thought, haptics
Julian Saccone (MA student) - metaphysics of the self; personal identity  
Wesley Sauret (Teach@Tübingen Postdoc) - internal and external conscious awareness
Christian Stegemann (MA student) - naturalising representation 
Florian Teichmann (MA student) - deviant causal chains and action control
Hong Yu Wong (Head of PONS)

PONS Affiliates
Fabian Klinge (Philosophy PhD student) - panpsychism
Moritz Julian Maier (Psychiatry PhD student) - cognitive control and prefrontal cortex 
Anne Thaler (MPI Space and Body Group PhD student) - self/other in body size perception
Georg Schauer (Vision and Cognition lab PhD student) - prefrontal cortex in visual consciousness
Aistė Šeibokaitė (Psychiatry PhD student) - sex differences in neural correlates of moral cognition
Albert van der Veer (MPI Space and Body Group PhD student) - perspective and self-location

  • PONS welcomes Daniel Gregory (PhD ANU) as a Postdoc through the Tübingen Elite University Bridging Grant. Welcome Daniel! (October 2018)
  • PONS DAAD PRIME fellow Roberta Locatelli wins two grants at once: a 2 year Humboldt Fellowship and a Postdoc through the Tübingen Elite University Bridging Grant. Congratulations Roberta! (June 2018)
  • PONS MA Student John Dorsch wins 3 year PPL scholarship for Edinburgh's PhD program in philosophy. Congratulations John! (February 2018)   
  • PONS welcomes Chiara Brozzo (PhD Milan) and Denis Buehler (PhD UCLA) as the new Assistant Professors of Philosophy at  the Chair of Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, Philosophisches Seminar, University of Tübingen! Chiara joins us in November 2017 whilst Denis will join us in March 2018. Welcome Chiara and Denis! 
  • PONS welcomes Wesley Sauret (PhD UNC Chapel Hill) as a new Teach@Tübingen postdoc! (October 2017)
  • PONS MA Student John Dorsch wins best presentation award at the annual Tübingen conference for junior neuroscientists, NeNa2017! Congratulations John! (October 2017)
  • PONS MA Student John Dorsch wins the Missing Shade of Blue international essay contest for students in philosophy. Congratulations John! (September 2017)
  • PONS Postdoc Chiara Brozzo co-authors review on body perception in anorexia and bulimia with colleagues in the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and Universitätsklinik Tübingen Psychosomatic Clinic. S. Mölbert, L. Klein, A. Thaler, B. Mohler, C. Brozzo, P. Martus, H. O. Karnath, S. Zipfel, & K. Giel. (2017). Depictive and Metric Body Size Estimation in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Clinical Psychology Review, 57, 21-31. Congratulations Chiara and colleagues!
  • PONS MA Student John Dorsch wins Deutschelandstipendium from the University of Tübingen for 2017-2019! Congratulations John! (March 2017)
  • Wong delivers keynote lecture "Embodiment" at the conference on Persons, Selves, and Organism at Bilkent University, Ankara (Feb 4-5, 2017). Watch Wong's lecture on Youtube.

  • Wong awarded a Templeton Foundation ACT Fellowship for 2017-2020.

  • PONS PhD student Gregor Hochstetter's paper on 'Freedom and Attachement' accepted for MindGrad 2016. Congratulations Gregor!

  • PONS PhD Student Gregor Hochstetter's paper 'Attention in Bodily Awareness' appears in Synthese! Congratulations Gregor!

  • Roberta Locatelli (PhD Warwick & Paris) awarded a DAAD PRIME fellowship to join PONS from January 2017. Congratulations Roberta and welcome! (June 2016)

  • 3 exciting Tübingen workshops in the summer: Casey O'Callaghan on Sensory Interactions (May 10-11); Wayne Wu on introspection (June 20-21); Susanna Schellenberg on perception (July 4-5). All 3 workshops will take place at the Forum Scientiarum. For registration, please email

  • PONS MA student JP Gamboa gets fellowship for PhD at Indiana University Bloomington's Philosophy and Cognitive Science Program - congratulations JP! (February 2016) 
  • Dr. Mog Stapleton (PhD Edinburgh) joins PONS on a Teach@Tuebingen Postdoc funded by the DFG's Excellence Initiative from April 2016. Congratulations Mog and welcome!
  • MPI Space & Body Postdoc Chiara Brozzo awarded fellowship for 2016 Duke Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy (SSNAP). Congratulations Chiara! (January 2016)
  • MPI Space & Body Postdoc Chiara Brozzo's paper 'Motor Intentions: How Intentions and Motor Representations Come Together' accepted by Mind and Language! Congratulations Chiara! (November 2015)
  • Wong invited to deliver keynote lecture at the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy's (SIFA) annual conference in Pistoia in September 2016. He is to deliver the SIFA Young Lecture. (October 2015)
  • PONS Group Leader Hong Yu Wong recommended for tenure and will be shortly appointed to a Professorship in Philosophy at the University of Tübingen. (October 2015)
  • Chiara Brozzo returns to Tübingen as Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the Body Distortions Project at MPI Biological Cybernetics. Chiara will be at Betty Mohler's Space and Body Perception Minerva Group at the MPI Biological Cybernetics. Welcome back Chiara! (October 2015)
  • PONS Postdoc Katia Samoilova's paper 'Transparency and Introspective Unification' accepted by Synthese. Congratulations Katia! (September 2015)
  • Krisztina Orban (PhD Birkbeck, University of London) joins PONS as Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the VW Finding Perspective Project. Welcome Krisztina! (August 2015)
  • PONS and colleagues in Taiwan (Caleb Liang and Aleksandra Mroczko-Wasowicz) win DAAD-MOST Grant for a 2 year project on Self-Consciousness and Multisensory Integration (25000€). (November 2014)
  • PONS PhD student Gregor Hochstetter's paper on 'Exogenous Action' accepted for conference on Intentions at the Nanay Group, University of Antwerp in December 2014. Congratulations Gregor! 
  • PONS and colleagues (Mohler, Zipfel, Karnath, Wong, Black) win CIN Intramural grant for a 2 year transdisciplinary project on body representation and its disorders (65,000€). This inaugurates a landmark collaboration between researchers in five disciplinary areas Mohler (MPI Biological Cybernetics), Zipfel (UKT Psychosomatic Medicine), Karnath (UKT Neuropsychology), Wong (CIN Philosophy of Neuroscience), and Black (MPI Intelligent Systems).  (July 2104)
  • PONS Postdoc Chiara Brozzo appointed to postdoctoral fellowship in Bence Nanay's Group at the University of Antwerp. Congratulations Chiara! (June 2014)
  • PONS PhD student Gregor Hochstetter's paper on 'Attention and Bodily Awareness' accepted for MindGrad 2013. Congratulations Gregor!
  • PONS and colleagues in Tübingen and Porto Philosophy Departments win DAAD grant (Peters, Wong, Miguens, Riccardi, "Rationalität, Selbsterkenntnis und menschliches Handeln – kognitionswissenschaftliche Herausforderungen, philosophische Perspektiven", DAAD Programm Hochschuldialog mit Südeuropa) for collaborations between philosophers and neuroscientists in Tübingen and Porto! (October 2013)
  • Dr. Katia Samoilova (PhD Brown) joins PONS on Sense of Agency Project (CIN 2012-17) from October 2013. Welcome Katia!
  • Dr. Chiara Brozzo (PhD Milan) joins PONS on a Teach@Tuebingen Postdoc funded by the DFG's Excellence Initiative from October 2013. Congratulations Chiara and welcome!
  • PONS Postdoc Liz Irvine appointed to Permanent Lectureship in Philosophy at Cardiff University. Congratulations Liz! (August 2013)
  • Alex Morgan (ABD Rutgers) joins PONS on Sense of Agency Project (CIN 2012-17) from June 15, 2013
  • Wong elected to the Executive Committee of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (March 2013).
  • PONS awarded a 2 year intramural grant (70,000€) for an interdisciplinary project on the sense of agency with Axel Lindner's Neurbiology of Decision lab (Hertie) on "Sensory Attenuation and Agency Attribution in Voluntary vs. Involuntary Actions" (awarded October 2012, Jan 2013 project start).
  • Irvine publishes monograph Consciousness as a Scientific Concept: a Philosophy of Science Perspective in Springer's Studies in Brain and Mind series (in print January 2013). Congratulations Liz!
  • PONS goes to the ESPP 2012 in London!
  • Wong wins the Multimodality of Perception Essay Prize at the Centre for Philosophical Psychology, University of Antwerp, with an essay on the multimodal character of body perception  (July 2012).
  • PONS hosts workshop on Explaining Mental Phenomena, July 24.
  • PONS hosts 2 day workshop on First Person Methods in Cognitive Science, June 15-16.
  • PONS PhD student, Gregor Hochstetter, awarded PhD Fellowship from German Economic Foundation (2012-2015). Congratulations Gregor!
  • Roessler and Wong awarded Mind Association Conference Grant for Agent's Knowledge workshop (IP London, June 7-8, 2012)
  • PONS moves to its new offices on the 5th floor of the FIN building at Otfried-Müller-Str. 25! (April 17, 2012)
  • Catherine Stinson (ABD Pittsburg) joins PONS on Visual Embodiment Project (CIN 2011-16) from Jan 1, 2012