Moth task

Task: tell a story in a class story slam (as in The Moth)
"Moth stories are true as remembered by the storyteller and always told live, without notes."

1. Learn about The Moth story format

2. Prepare a story on a chosen theme and deliver it in class

(Optional: be part of the Moth jury to choose winners for grand slam in last class)
  • Assignment PDF
  • Evaluation grid PDF

3. Record your story as you tell it in class, and upload it to share with the teacher

4. Listen to recording with individual feedback from the teacher, and consult general suggestions for improvement

Dear Student name

I listened to your recording on SoundCloud at this link

I note the following points under three headings (main problems in red). You should listen to your recording and try to hear what I mention. Then read this for suggestions on how to work on these problems and improve your speaking.

/h/ head (on the head)
she decided to laugh (vowel in laugh)
my niece_ skin (niece’s skin)

Sentence stress => too many stresses everywhere, no long vowels, no unstressed syllables
my sister has a lot of problems
because they are always going and moving and writing everywhere

children who are writing on the walls
making a lot of bullshit => getting into a lot of trouble
they have coloured the walls => they had
she has to leave it the way she took it
faced to this situation => faced with
if you have children who wrote everywhere => write

she go to the market (lot of 3rd P sing simple present s missing)
she just have to take a sponge and wash

You said “I simply decided to talk about an issue” - but you DID have a story, you didn’t need to make this excuse.
Too much memorisation - sometimes we could tell that you had already prepared what you were going to say and so it sounded as though you were reciting rather than talking to us.

Here is my grading scheme and your grade for this presentation:

MAXStudent name
Grade /202010

Other course information, including other evaluations, is here.

5. Write a reaction to this experience, including response to feedback, in a final reflective paper