Course listing

Master MEEF Anglais (Masters in Teaching English)

First year Masters

VMAN121 Audio-visual training

VMAN131 Challenges and opportunities in second language teaching

VMAN14 Introduction to classroom research & Teaching placement support

VMAN215 Oral expression

VMAN232 Introduction to classroom research

Second year Masters

VMAN332 Challenges and opportunities in second language teaching

VMAN341 Classroom research

VMAN422 Learning technologies for the language class

VMAN431 Classroom research

VMAN432 Tutored projects

VMES432 Numérique éducatif: YouTube You Teach MOOC

Previous courses

LLCE: English studies

  1. Anglais, Médias, Cultures (AMC)
    • Web 2.0 tools for language learning
    • Introduction to interpreting
    • Oral communication
      • 2nd year AMC Oral communication
  2. Second language acquisition and teaching
  3. Translation
  4. Phonetics and spoken English

Master Langues: M2 Enseignement

      • TICE pour langues vivantes (M2)
      • ICT for FL teaching
      • Oral expression
      • Tutored research project (English) [LMAN442]
      • Second language teaching (English) [HMAN215/204]

LEA: Department of Languages with Business

  • Translation into English
    • 2nd year translation into English [LLLA402]
    • 3rd year translation into English [LLLA502, LLLA602]*
    • 4th year oral sight translation: Sight translation

LANSAD: English for non-majors

  1. English for Scientists [M1 EFTIS: English with ICT for Science Teachers]
  2. English for Research* (Humanities & Social Sciences)

Master EEF: Education, Teaching and Training

  • FL teaching for young learners
  • [M2 EEF]

Formation continue

Tech Tips

  1. General troubleshooting
  2. Using Google sites
  3. Netiquette
  4. Posterous
  5. ENT

Invited talk

Learning strategies: EFL for young learners, Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd, 6 June 2012