Book Study

Why Don't Students Like School: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom

by Daniel T. Willingham

This book study is designed to examine the nine principals (chapters) that Willingham discusses in his book.  Using the school calendar, one chapter will be discussed each month, beginning in September and the book study will conclude in May.  The reflections and activities for the book study will help teachers reflect on their own teaching and how students learn.  Enjoy!

Book Study Goals:

  • Reflect on how students learn best
  • Reflect on lesson development and teaching
  • Design lessons that engage students

Expected Timeline:

The readings, activities and discussions should be completed by the 4th Wednesday of the month indicated.  A round-table discussion will take place at the faculty meeting on the findings and reflections for that chapter.

  • Chapter 1- September
  • Chapter 2- October
  • Chapter 3- November
  • Chapter 4- December
  • Chapter 5- January
  • Chapter 6- February
  • Chapter 7- March
  • Chapter 8- April
  • Chapter 9- May


Click on the chapter link of the month you are working on for the assignments.  Each chapter has a list of objectives (most will be reflections on your own teaching and not something you will complete), a reading assignment (think about the objectives as you read), an activity to complete and two different discussions.  One discussion is a self-reflection, the other is a discussion about classroom/teaching practices.


Please respond to the discussions in a timely and polite manner.  Everyone benefits from each others thoughts and reflections.