Links to Primary Sources

Primary Source 1: (Tommy)
Udall, Mark. Washington D.C. 29 Oct. 2009. Speech.
    This speech favors the expansion of nuclear energy use in our country.  The speaker believes Nuclear Energy to be an enviornmentally friendly option for us, and will help us in the future.  Using nuclear energy will help us reduce our dependence on foreign oil as well.  The speaker also believes that Nuclear energy will also help us get our enconomy back on track.  He says that our economy is currently in a very bad position and that its development will create jobs for many Americans.  He is in favor of creating more nuclear power plants in the future. 
    This source is very useful as it discusses the benefits of nuclear energy.  The goal of this source is to convince the United States senate that nuclear energy is a good thing and that it is necessary for our future.  This source is reliable as it comes from a United States senator.  It also contains accurate information that I have seen in many different places.
Primary Source 2:
Fertel, Marvin. "Recognition of Nuclear Energy in State of the Union Speech Stems From Its Proven Value." In Reaction to the State of the Union Address to Congress Made by President Obama. Washington D.C. 27 Jan. 2010. Speech.

    The speaker believes that Nuclear Energy is a very good option for the United States.  He says that is has shown to be a clean, reliable and efficient energy source that can help spur economic growth and create jobs in this country. 

Primary Source 3: (Diego)
"Nuclear Energy | Clean Energy | US EPA." US Environmental Protection Agency
. Web. 09 June 2011. <>.
    This site aided me with my glossary definitions and with understanding the advantages of nuclear energy. The site offers different situations with environmental impacts based on nuclear energy and what other types of energy sources can come with nuclear energy. It shows the effect of nuclear energy on electricity for example and how it relates to a normal person's daily life. 
The source was very useful since it gave another perspective of how nuclear energy could continue to affect the nation and the whole world in the future. What sort of energy and help does it give to electrical sources and what is the benefit of using nuclear energy?With this site, I was also able to gather information for my glossary page so I could define terms that were important in the nuclear energy world; such as atoms, nuclear fission, and the core.