Why Matter Matters

Grade: 2nd
Subject: Science and Writing
Focus: Changes in Matter

This topic is designed to give students the opportunity to investigate physical changes in matter. Matter is an interesting subject for 2nd graders as they learn to identify and observe the changes in matter through hands-on activities.  This unit is designed for a second grade class that consists mainly of gifted and high achieving learners.  The make-up of the rest of the class is mainly average students. However, this unit can be taught to your typical high-medium-low class as well. 


The study of matter will be incorporated into other content areas. Students will learn new vocabulary and be able to apply the vocabulary when we learn about matter.  They will be reading material for comprehension to learn about the states and properties of matter. Students will be utilizing a variety of writing skills as they apply what they have learned in how matter changes. Through hands-on activities, students will learn to do experiments and record predictions, observations, and conclusions orally and in writing.  Students will be expected to work cooperatively with a partner or in groups and lead classroom discussions. Students will be able to relate changes in matter to real life experiences through several experiments such as making ice cream, jello, chocolate crispies, and oobleck. 


Technology will be incorporated into our study of matter. PowerPoints, InterActive Flipcharts, Brain Pop Jr., and United Streaming Videos  will be used to learn about the properties and changes in matter.  Students will be creating a web and sorting objects using Kidspiration. Students will research matter using a Webquest.  They will also use digital cameras to implement in Photo Story for a final project.  Students will also share their thoughts through blogging.  Students will find studying matter interesting using hands-on activities and using technology. The experiments will allow the students to see first-hand how the states of matter can change in a few minutes. Students will take more pride in their final product and produce better quality knowing their work will be displayed on our class webpage for a wider audience.

This unit was designed by Rita Ambrose.  It is designed to teach in accordance with the Georgia Performance Standards for 2nd grade.