Dear Neighbor Letter

 October 27, 2010

Dear Neighbor,

I like Steve Israel. In fact, I've voted for him in every election going back to his very first election as a Town Councilman in Huntington. Back then Steve really was a humble champion of the people, a moderate, a nice guy. But it sure looks like things have changed since then - Steve has changed and I find I can't vote for him any more - he's just too radical.   On closer examination, you might even agree.

As a parent, I've grown increasing alarmed at what has been going on in the country and how it will affect my children. As a stay at home mom I've had the time to do some digging into Steve Israel's record to see if he was part of the solution, or the problem. I was shocked to learn the nice guy, who I thought was a moderate, is anything but!!!!!

Did you know that Steve Israel rubber stamped virtually every piece of legislation Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid proposed?

He voted YES to Obamacare - and the huge financial burden it will place on the country while taking $500 BILLION OUT OF MEDICARE FOR SENIORS!!

He voted YES on the Cap and Trade energy bill that will cause energy rates to skyrocket on top of the obscene rates we Long Islanders already pay!(and line the pockets of the likes of Al Gore and Obama's buddies who are banking on running and making millions of $$$$ with a stock market-like "carbon credit exchange" they've already created!)

He voted YES to the Stimulus bill that was nothing more than payback to union public sector workers while putting us private sector workers in debt to the Chinese to the tune of $787 BILLION!!!!!

He voted YES to the TARP bill giving banks BILLIONS of taxpayer and BORROWED money without fixing the "Toxic Asset" problem it was supposed to.

He voted YES to additional financial regulations that clamped down on banks and sounded tough to us voters but GAVE A PASS to those who CAUSED THE FINANCIAL CRISES - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!!!

He voted YES to the auto manufacturers bailout putting the" fox in charge of the hen house" by giving partial ownership to the unions while the TAXPAYERS  ARE ON THE HOOK for the balance if the company doesn't make profits and throwing 10's of thousands of employees of privately owned dealerships  out of work by forcibly closing them – “to spread the pain” (Obama's edict) of GM's failure to the private sector – Say WHAT??!?!

He voted YES to Cash for Clunkers throwing more money away with little discernable return except the trashing of some perfectly serviceable cars ahead of their time.

What is Steve thinking when he voted for almost $3 TRILLION dollars in increased federal spending the last two years? He's put us, our children, and our grandchildren on the hook for a national debt and loans to the Chinese that this country can't even think of paying unless we're taxed mush MORE not LESS as he claims. You call that MODERATE? I call that RADICAL. In fact, Steve voted 98.7% of the time along strict Democratic party lines - definitely NOT MODERATE.

As if that weren't enough, I was SOOOO disappointed to find out how he LIED or distorted tons of information in his commercials and campaign fliers. I really don't think I could ever trust him as my Congressman, or for ANY political office - ever again. I am sickened by Steve and his dishonorable actions.

Steve used FAKE Republicans to "speak out" against John Gomez in TV commercials essentially condoning lying to win the election.

Steve LIED on campaign material about John Gomez's plans for Social Security. Project Vote Smart ( publicly condemned Steve Israel for using information saying he "has attacked his opponant with information he knows to be false".

In his TV commercials, Israel seems to be taking credit for “Tax Equity” Bill which Representative Nadler first introduced long before Steve was even in Congress.

Using scare tactics and intentionally misleading the voter, Steve said his opponant wants to eliminate the “mortgage deduction” exemption which John Gomez has never even said!

The list of manipulations, abuses and lies seems to have no end! Here are a few more things I uncovered while doing my research which gives me pause and pushed me firmly into the NO VOTE FOR ISRAEL column:

Steve cowardly left DC to campaign without addressing the Bush tax cuts until after the election is over to avoid being held accountable for his decision. He's worried about his career – not our pocketbooks.

Israel condemns Pro-Constitution, Pro-America   free speech as "despicable" if you believe its NOT the government's role to control, regulate & manage the health care industry.[]

He supported giving miranda rights to "enemy combatants" (aka terrorists)

Israel supported holding the trial for 9-11 terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed in New York City.

Steve keeps keeps taking campaign contributions from those big bad banks while saying negative things about them to provide political cover.

He refuses to take a stand on the WTC mosque issue thereby hedging his bet by playing to mass sentiment while appearing to back the Constitution.

Add to all this the “you donate to me, I'll get you a nice government contract with out bidding” schemes, accepting money from shady donors and 27 earmarks totaling $24,915,550 in fiscal year 2008. NONE of that went to small business development on Long Island. 

I actually feel dirty just knowing all of this about someone who I once respected and voted for. He is clearly more interested in advancing his political career by kowtowing to Pelosi/Reid, special interests and those with deep pockets than representing you and me in Washington – and what about the FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY????

All the hand outs, entitlements and freebies you may be getting aren't worth the price if it means we trash our Constitution, put us into servitude to foreign nations to repay debt and turn us into a third world debtor nation.

I've had ENOUGH!!!!!! I hope you have too. Vote for someone else this time - anyone.  I know I will. John Gomez gets my vote this time around. I hope yours too!


Your Neighbor


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