Why GAFE in your school?   What is GAFE ? 
What bigger purpose is it going to serve?  
Do you have goals and ambitions that this tool can help achieve?   
Not technology for technology sake but purposeful implementation.

This site is a collection of resources I have found useful.  
I thank the passionate educators who created them and willingly share them. 

The key words in education nowadays are Collaboration and Creativity.  GAFE tools allow for both of these elements in many ways.  The Collaborative potential of Google tools is only limited by our imaginations.  

Another great Presentation introducing elements of  GAFE from Eric Curt's  

Anthony Speranza provides an excellent summary of many of the features of GAFE and their use in a primary school setting - this is a recording of a DLTV Webinar

Schools can choose to integrate Mail or not.  Many schools have gone GAFE with their own domain but not transferred to GMail

T&L Cycle meets GAFE

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