Flat Foot

Flat Foot® How it Works

By controlling the natural pronation of the foot, the vertical geometry of the leg is aligned correctly. The internal rotation of the knee and hip is minimized, and those joints are allowed to work as nature intended. No other commercially available insole/orthotic can make that claim. People with flat feet pay a 30% energy penalty when not using the FlatFoot Insole/Orthotic. This energy savings was demonstrated with a TecScanTM gait analyzer (results are shown in the image below).

A more efficient use of energy results in increased stamina for anyone spending time on their feet. The insoles/orthotics have been shown to relieve the "target organ" pain in the feet, knees, hips, and even low back.

The computer generated images above demonstrate the transfer of energy from heel strike . Both represent a step taken with the same flat footed person's left foot. Note the wasted energy (the curved line in red/maroon) shown in image A (uncompensated) as opposed to the efficient use of energy (the straight line in red/maroon) shown in image B (compensated with the Flat Foot® insoles), resulting in increased stamina.

Flat Foot® Insole Benefits

Long Lasting and Affordable
Flat Foot® Insoles offer comfortable support for a minimum of one year. Compared to the cost of expensive prescription orthotics, Flat Foot® insoles are priced so that you can buy a set for each pair of shoes that you frequently wear.

Washable and Breathable
Flat Foot® insoles are machine washable, on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Because the breathable nature of the PORON cellular urethane keeps fresh between washings, the insoles actually protect your shoes and help maintain their longevity.

Energy Saving
Considerable energy can be saved over the course of daily walking or strenuous sports activity because you are no longer wasting energy by compensating for the natural walking process. Since you're expending less energy, your stamina will increase.

In a Class All Its Own
Nothing else on the market, including prescription orthotics and throw away inserts, will give your feet the support and comfort of Flat Foot® insoles at an affordable price.

Patented in 43 Countries
International patents have been secured in 43 countries protecting this proprietary product allowing Marathon Shoe Co. to provide Flat Foot® insoles to thousands of people suffering from flat feet. The U.S. Patent number is 5327663. There is no other product like it on the market.