• Q: How often do I need to replace my performance/daily shoes and insoles?
          A: Every 5-6 months or every 500 miles

  • Q: Why do my feet go numb or asleep while I am walking or working out?
          A: Your shoes are too tight and/or too small

  • Q: Why aren't my expensive, doctor-prescribed, orthotics, doing what they're supposed to (i.e. relieving foot, knee, and back pains)?
          A: They are made of hard, resin plastic that are detrimental to the natural gait cycle of our foot (heal, arch, metatarsals, toe-off)

  • Q: Why do my feet still hurt if I have already incorporated an insole in my shoe?
          A: The insole needs to be incorporated into you daily life, not just a casual routine. Either be all good, or all bad. 
              The insole should be worn at all possible times, unless one is barefooted or sleeping.

  • Q: With all the hype between Dr. Scholls, Superfeet, Spenco, gel and moldable inserts, what makes your product so much more beneficial?
          A: We have over 3 and 1/2 year proven track record. Our insoles are used in numerous professions from military warfare to janitorial services and
              have allowed people to drastically change the outcome of their daily life. Within a two to three week period, once these inserts are allowed to 
              shape into the curvature of your non- symmetrical feet, it is from that point that your body will start to realign more towards your natural stance 
              (gait cycle)