This is my third ever website its also the best (or going to be in my tense at this point) there is no particular reason for this site other than to say that I'm going to Portugal and to advertise my other websites (which are odd to) to visit them just go and search website that is weird. I think I got off to the wrong start back there so here's the real/improved start,To whom it may concern(YOU) I am writing to inform you that this script will be incredibly long so if you don't feel like reading then go away and have a cuppa or do work or something but if your INCREDIBLY bored read on, how was that I think it made you feel important but if it didn't oh well I think me and you are going to get along now considering that revised start to this writing I know it may sound silly but I'm running out of things to say already but I'm sure you'll think of something I mean at this point like on my other site I had began to change tense this , at the time caused havoc (no one knows why), when I came back to speaking normally I asked what are you doing reading this anyway you could be doing something like relaxing or shopping or becoming a cannibal but not a cannibal unless your weird, by the way this site may get incredibly boring or mad (same as the last one did)Do you know why the last one did,no, why, becaaauuuse , I SAID WHY, I DON'T KNOW, WHY do people eat and rabbits fly and hens slurp and insane rivers get called sane and am I totally bonkers or where you made out of Brussels sprouts I don't but do you if you do then you do as you probably knew why you ask because I'm bonkers,round the bend then turn left and your at the mangfield station, yes that's right the very same place the first ever game of toss the egg was played now you know I'm crazy do you really wan't to read on, YES you do if you reading this but if you don't want to be reading this then turn off your monitor or phone and hide in your room (I am sorry if you are in your room this will mean that task is impossible) if you are still reading you are very brave because this website ISN'T normal do you like the @ symbol because I do, back onto a subject like insert subject here, (reasons for that underlined segment are none, nought ,zero,nothing) ,Now a real subject or not or so forth and back left and right the cats are stray at night, bet you did know that this is maybe not a not lot hot pot using the Italian dish beef burgers????? For this next few sentences I will stay on track as I have something very important to say ok here it is in quotations "****************************why did he do that I don't know***************** some of these keys have gone we*rd!*!*!*!*" Sorry for that technical problem I will have sorted it out later but for now you can keep reading unless I stop writing ,what do you mean keep writing that's a stupid idea in fact I'll stop now,                       ,see I will stop writing when I'm annoyed though that won't be often in fact that may be the only silence ,(by silence I mean stop of letters because text is silent unless read aloud but I doubt you reading this to or with anyone because if you are I'd recommend smashing your computer or turning off the monitor and running away to your friends house right now if you remember this is the third website (hence the web address) although the other two weren't as good),Yes that close bracket should be there if you can remember the start bracket from a while before that,I have now repair the keyboard from earlier ,but how did I type that before I hear you ask, well I'm telepathic (no I'm not I just made a joke earlier)but here it finally is in quotations "A boy cried wolf (this is a very serious matter) why did he do this I don't know but he did then he said (for an even weirder reason) some of these keys are weird!!!!!!!!"That matter is extremely important on this website I don't know why but it is furthermore I know some wow words like extreme vocabulary  Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is my favourite place ,no second favourite after porthmadog I don't know why I like porthmadog I just do by the way if your still reading this then it is now requested you leave home and flee to a remote island P.S remember to turn your monitor off, if you are reading this then you haven't turned your monitor off and runaway to a remote island also have you noticed the words have gone bold you will have unless you've turned your monitor off if you've done that turn it back on and come back home but you won't know to do that if you are in america or on some remote island and your monitor is turned off, anyway those who have read this far deserve a break, A NEWS break/flash (only watch this if it's winter and you have a nice hot chocolate in front of you)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiVdyLmP-nk(my name on YouTube is the same as the name of the first of these websites) which of course is of no relevance. Anyway back on to topic after that highly unimportant  video 2 years later and I've finally come to finish of this website two years is also probably the amount of time YOU probably waste on odd little sites then again you probably will never read this far unless you HAVE NO LIFE,                                                                                

,still reading well i largely apologise for that but to have read this far you must be very patient for the exiting bit.well lets face it there hasn't been one yet and there probably won't be one ever E V E R (even very evil rabbits) don't know why you've read this far so relating back to the boy mentioned earlier in quotations he is now having an exciting time eating the wolf and the keys. Why don't you have an exciting time E X C I T I N G (Even X-rays Can Inspect Toothpaste In No Gravity). So far you have learnt all the interesting things you could be doing right now  yet you still choose to read even though I have told you many times to  leave home and flee to a remote island but you still read on like a brave adventure into the well known or do you ..................................................................................please stop the dots you say well I refuse........................................................................ OK I'll stop I said after changing tenses (again) maybe I should turn off my screen and go to another planet to save the lives of so many or few or none probably by this point. If you have read this far none of your questions will never yes be answered and forgotten into the mists of the chicken T-Rex mutant realm.Or will theydun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn!Now for a brief random thinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilNcZIdbXbAor if you like cool moveshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP5RTlS_Jjo both these videos are not really there because otherwise no one would not understand this website and that would be a disaster because it would mean death to us all or more likely there would be no change in the state of the universe but there will be if these two sites are discovered https://sites.google.com/site/ihavenoeyesir/ https://sites.google.com/site/isitpointless/ But then again probably not and I'm probably sending you to many places so no more links for 100 words I promise!!!! But for the next few sentences my writing shall change colour.If anything the colours probably changed for the worse so I shall return to original colour. there you go a whole sentence typed in white.You just highlighted that to read it then realised it was of no importance and clicked off it. then you found the previous sentence hard to read because it is in neon blue.But the hardest part was to read this part or then again probably not.But this one is the very hardest because its just a block of colour unless of course you highlighted all that?