Unit 4: WWI / Totalitarianism

WWI Objectives

  1. How did nationalism, imperialism, industrialization, and militarism lead to World War I?
  2. What event sparked the events that directly led to WWI?
  3. What role did alliances play in the start of WWI?
  4. How did the machine gun and artillery change war?
  5. What conditions did individual soldiers face during the War?

  6. How was WWI a “total war”?
  7. Describe the situation on the Eastern front.
  8. How did the affect the Middle East?
  9. What two reasons led to the entry of the United States into WWI?
  10. Why did Russia withdraw from the war?  What were the conditions of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?
  11. In the movie, how did the officers live compared to the soldiers?

  12. Why did the Germans finally surrender?
  13. What did the French want after WWI?
  14. What elements of the Versailles Treaty could be considered unjust or unfair?
  15. What was the purpose of Wilson’s 14 points?
  16. What happened to the land given up by Russia?  What happened to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire?

Totalitarianism Objectives

General Overview:

  • What are the similarities/differences between left- and right-wing totalitarian governments?
  • Why was totalitarianism able to exist in Europe after WWI?
  • What emotions did totalitarianism exploit?
  • Why is propaganda such an important tool? What should you be aware of when looking at propaganda?
  • Match Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler to their country / political party.
  • How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Europe?

Soviet Union (USSR) {Formerly Russia}:

  • What were the main causes of the Russian Revolution?
  • Why was Germany eager to encourage revolution in Russia?
  • What is the significance of Vladimir Lenin? Josef Stalin?
  • How did Stalin handle opposition in his country?


  • Italy was the first country to really be totalitarian
  • How did Mussolini use history to make his vision more relevant?
  • What were key problems with Mussolini?


  • What was the Weimar Republic? Its major problems? Were the problems the fault of the Weimar Republic?
  • What is inflation? Why did it happen in Germany?
  • Why did Hitler come to power?
  • How did Hitler propose to fix Germany’s problems?

Causes of WWI

Soldiers PowerPoint