Unit 1: Democracy and Revolution

World History Unit 1 ‎(2012-13)‎

Goals and Objectives

This roughly month-long unit will look at the foundations of American democracy. We will also study the French Revolution to compare and contrast the democracy-building experience between our two countries.

Unit Objectives:

  • Terms and concepts: democracy, direct democracy, indirect democracy, rule of law
  • What are the key functions of government? What things do our governments provide for us today?
  • Participate in a two part "Building An Island Government" Simulation: understand difficulties of making a democracy.
  • Study the influences of American Democracy:
    • Athenian Democracy
    • Roman Democracy
    • Judeo-Christian Tradition
    • British Constitutional History
    • The Enlightenment
      • Who were the philosophes? What did they believe
        • Key beliefs of:
          • Montesquieu
          • Locke
          • Hobbes
          • Beccaria
          • Voltaire
  • Describe the major events and stages of the French Revolution.
    • Identify the members, privileges, and problems with the Three Estates.
    • Compare and contrast elements of the American and French Revolutions.
    • Describe the events and attitudes of the Reign of Terror.
    • Describe Napoleon’s rise to power, his key accomplishments, and the key mistakes that led to his ultimate defeat.
  • Discuss: All in all, did the French Revolution afford people a freer, happier life?
  • Compare the lasting legacies of the American and French Revolutions.

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