The Sea God's Voice

Musical compositions, thougths about music and such

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Sound: MP3 realized with Sebelius software

Scores: .pdf

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All compositions on this page are copyrighted by the composer, William H Wilson. All rights to publication and performance  are reserved.

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Compositions --Miniatures--


Sixth Ave Switchback  Sound   Score   

 Driving my car around downtown Portland OR trying to get somewhere by going the other direction through all the one-way streets. Aug 2006

Uncertain Moment     Sound   Score

Working and teaching in a hospital among very ill people often in desperate circumstances.  Aug 2006                            

After Several Losses    Sound    Score

Resolving the emotional numbness.  August 2006

Lemon Ice                  Sound    Score

At an ice cream store I'm surrounded by  a swirl of enthused kids who have just put on a play at a summer arts camp. I admire their energy and spirit. I pray their future will be as joyful as their present.

Carol of the Birds      Sound (trio)

   Score-vocal   Score-wind trio 

New music for a traditional Chrismas carol. Words are public domain as far as I can tell.  SATB performed 1999 Marylhurst Univ. Wind trio premiered Dec 2006  




The Sea God's Voice