Java for quants

A financial engineer's perspective!

Why Java is good for quants?
Why Java is not popular in quantitative finance?
My decision process?
How to facilitate the use of java?
My idea & what I'm doing?

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Java NIO



Welcome to my Web site!

This site will focus on the usage of Java in the field of quantitative finance. It may be suitable for other business. You can judge it by yourself.

The side will cover the following topics:

  • Why java web starter has restrictions
  • Why use applet in most of cases
  • How to  use JMS in applet & when should we bridge it
  • How to use JDBC in applet & when should we bridge it
  • Use POJO as the data exchange interface install of XML
  • Grasp JTable -- the excel way
  • Table layout
  • MVC
  • Java scientific calculation
  • Options analytics tools