Start planning for your future NOW!

So you are a student at West Holmes who is interested in preparing for your future? This is the place to be! Throughout your time here at West Holmes High School, this site will serve as a guide to help you prepare for life after high school. 

Transition Assessment

Before we plan your activities, you will need to take a transition assessment. First, start by taking the survey with your case manager or transition coordinator:

Then, choose your grade level and take the assessment with your case manager.

Transition Activities

To get started on activities, click the grade you are in below. This will take you to the site you will be working with this year:

What will I do?

Using this website, you will investigate and research important ideas and concepts that will help you build a path towards your future. Some things you might investigate include:
  • What kind of careers are you interested in?
  • What kind of careers would you be good at?
  • What kind of tests do you need to take to prepare for college?
  • Which colleges will be the best fit for you?
  • How do you create a resume and cover letter?
  • What does it mean to have an IEP?
  • What is an "accomodation" and how ¬†does it effect my life in school and in the work force?

Transition Calendar