Windows Home Server

Whiist Website Construction

How to Build and Deploy an ASP.NET Website

Using the Whiist Windows Home Server Add-In

And the Free ASP.NET Starter Kit


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DO NOT CHANGE the website name or location of the files once you start.

See FAQ #Q2 and #Q3 to see what trouble you can get into.

If you feel you have to start over, use the
same website name and same folder name and location.
Better yet, don’t start over. Email us with a screenshot of your problem     





This is a Multi-Part Series on how to build and deploy an ASP.NET website:

·  on your Windows Home Server

·  using the Whiist Add-In. 


There is no, absolutely zero, prior experience required. 


Do not let the seven parts scare you away. If you know a little you can skip Part 1. After Part 2 you will have a fully functional website and Part 3 will give you a personalized site.  The rest are optional if you are having fun.


These "Keep It Simple Stupid" style how-to documents were written by two home-enthusiasts who themselves had never done this before.  The two authors had never built a website and never written a line of html, C#, VB nor XML code before. 


The two are also absolutely sure there are better and smarter ways to do almost everything these instructions cover.  They simply figured out a method that worked.





































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Instructions for Installing Hyper-V Manager on Vista sp1 in a WORKGROUP (topic unrelated to WWC websites)





Whiist Website Construction Part 2 (Activating Website).pdf








(This goes with Part 7)


ClubSite Rev 0.12 ( with added Themes)
See the Themes Here
(See enclosed ReadMe)


Added Themes Only (Just the 3 added Themes)
See the Themes Here
(See enclosed ReadMe1st)
Tom van de Kerkhof's Poll Control for Club Site Starter Kit
 This zip is not available at the link provided in the instructions any longer


Complete WWC.doc
This is Parts 1 through 7 in one document that has a Table of Contents with hyperlinks to the various sections of the document.
Fastphoto put this together for you. The hyperlinked Table of Contents does make it quite easy to use. It is also suitable for a three-ring binder if that is more useful. A word of caution, however, this document is 20.5 MB and will take a little while longer than the PDF documents to download.
The links above should work and bypass any other screens and waiting times. If for some reason the links fail to work use this one: