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Computer Science Skills Checklist

Students in the dual credit Introduction to Computer Science course
will be able relate key information technology skills to their potential work futures and use C++ to
  • Develop a step by step solution for a specific programming requirement.
  • Develop an algorithm to solve a specific step within a program.
  • Assess the type of information needed for the program and then select the best data type for each item of information.
  • Apply basic and advanced math operations to implement an algorithm.
  • Control the flow of a program using the logical concepts of
      1. for - repeating a sequence of program steps a fixed number of times.
      2. while - repeating a sequence of program steps while one or more conditions is true.
      3. if - executing a sequence of program steps one time if a condition is true.
      4. else - executing a sequence of program steps when the “if condition” is not true
          • Write information to a data file.
          • Read information from a data file.
          • Use functions to solve specific program steps instead of placing all code in one large program.    
          • Use arrays and vectors to store multiple items with the same data type in lists.
          • Use structures to store multiple items with the varying data types in a single record or database entry.
          • Employ a C++ class to create a data abstraction that involves attributes and operations that can be performed on those attributes to perform object oriented programming.
          • Employ recursion to repeat a specific program step.
          • Use stepwise refinement practices to build a complex program by focusing on manageable segments using functions and classes.
          • Sort a list efficiently.
          • Search a list efficiently.

          This course earns 1 high school credit and 3 hours of college credit through Drury University

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