Research Teacher Home - Mr. Altshuler

   During the summer of 2011, I took part in the Research Experiences for Teachers protam at Boston University's Photonics Center. As part of this program, I worked in Dr. Bennett Goldberg's lab with Ms. Jessica Long and Julian Anding.

            The purpose of our research is to find a better and more consistent way to measure the interaction of  protein structures such as antibodies and antigens. In the field of medicine, detection of these antigen and antibody particles are often used  for diagnostic purposes. Since they are related to the invading foreign matter, being able to identify and measure the quantities of antibodies and antigens present may serve in determining the nature of the foreign matter. Detected antibodies  and antigens may provide information about the disease infecting the body and its progress. Some examples of antibody arrays include detection of biohazards, bacterial infections, and biological markers for cancer research and diagnostics.