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1920's Magazine Project

There is a wealth of online information on the 1920's in American history! 

Click to view images from the 1920's

From observing other students create magazines in the library, it seems like those who were most successful first gathered all the information they needed and, once finished with researching, arranged their articles in Microsoft Publisher, Word, or Google Docs (whatever works for your group) last.

Recommended databases and websites are listed below to assist you with this project. Of course, you may find other online sources with useful information, but be sure to check the website for accuracy, authority, currency, objectivity, and proper coverage. If you're not sure what those five characteristics mean, then read this!



 General websites/databases
(these have info. covering all or most of the writing topics)
 Title page/Magazine cover Looking for illustration and image ideas?
 World news
  •  ABC-CLIO - Once you're in this World History database, do two searches: one for "Great Depression" and the other "Rise of Facism in Europe." Read these articles up to the point of the Stock Market Crash in the U.S.  *To enter this database at home, type in username - woodbridge and password - library.
  • Europe in the 1920's (2 pages)
  • 1920's World News
 National news
 Political cartoons
 Writers & artists
 Music & dance