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Helpful links for students of Japanese 

WHS Nihongo home page  

The links on this page will take you to sites away from WHS Nihongo.  Use your browser's 'back' button to return this this page.

Kanji Stroke Order
I'd been looking for this one for a while - thrilled to find it!  Go to the main site, click on the third box in the middle (between "moshiku wa" and "kara doozo"), and then enter (using Japanese input) the kanji you want the order for.  Great stuff.  Another site I found is not bad, though it may not have as extensive a database of characters.  That said, unlike the first one, it does indicate the direction of the strokes.

Japanese Pod 101
For listening practice, these podcasts are pretty good.  You don't need to pay anything to download or listen to the audio files.  Click here to go directly to the archives of the beginner lessons.

Kana Practice
This site will allow you to practice your hiragana and katakana.  Another site for reading practice which is a bit more of a game can be found here.

Japan Guide
This is a good site for learning about different places in Japan and for what they are famous.  A bit travel-intensive, but useful.

This is a large photo-sharing site, and you can find many pictures of Japan.  If using this site to gather photos for a project, make sure to filter out copyrighted material using the advanced search feature.

Kid-Friendly News
This NHK website has news articles designed for young people in Japan.

Silver Creek Site
Kanji and vocabulary practice here - note that it is close to our reader, but not exactly the same.

Use of these sites is for added help with Japanese, and is not required for the class.  Wilcox High School is not responsible for anything inappropriate that may appear on any site to which this page is linked.