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Wilcox High School Japanese


The course will give your child the opportunity to develop strong skills in conversation as well as in reading and writing.  It is designed to build upon the foundation in writing and conversation that students developed in their earlier study of Japanese.  Students will also have the chance to learn much about modern Japanese culture through multi-media projects.


The cutoffs for different letter grades and my general philosophy of grading is discussed here.

You may check on your child's grade two ways.  The first is to check in School Loop, where I will keep overall grades updated at least every week or two.  Second, you may contact me with specific questions at my e-mail address (  This second option is the one for discussing specific assignments, projects, or quizzes/tests.


Textbook - We will not formally begin using the textbook for homework assignments for several weeks.  Normally, students will be able to leave the textbook at home, as we will only rarely use it in class.  When we do, I will let them know in advance.

Reader - The reader contains all material which is covered on quizzes and exams.  This includes vocabulary (with example sentences), grammar descriptions, and writing.  Example sentences are worth memorizing, as they give students a foundation from which to build one's speaking ability.  If a student loses a reader, one may print out a new copy from the class materials section of this website.

Assignment Sheets - I will regularly hand out a sheet describing in detail the homework items for each class.  Homework is graded on addressing each piece, as well as properly finishing the assignment.  Students should not leave anything blank!  If something gives your child trouble, he or she should ask for help.  Homework is due by the beginning of class, and will not be accepted for a grade afterwards.

Use of Technology:

Projects in class will include planning and creating a variety of multi-media materials which I will post on websites which will sometimes be available to anyone.  Any project which includes students' names (printed as a title or spoken) will only be placed on sites that are not available to the general public.  Planning of these projects will include collaborative technologies such as Google Docs.  For this to work appropriately, each student will need a free Google account (not necessarily a Gmail address).

If you object to either your child's projects being online or to his or her using a Google account, I will develop a different approach to such assignments for your child.  There is certainly no penalty for choosing not to allow projects to be available online or not to use online collaborative tools.  That said, students will still be responsible for the work however we need to pursue it so that they are meeting the requirements of the class.


You are welcome to contact me, Rushton Hurley, via e-mail ( or by my home phone (408 - 246 - 1032; not after 9p, please).

If your time allows, please e-mail me with a short message introducing yourself.  That will allow me to add you to my contacts list in my school e-mail.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!