“GO DO GOOD” is an online web-platform created by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler from the Netherlands.

GODOGOOD initiates social marketing campaigns that are built around the world promoting good public behavior and charity organisations world-wide. Local, Regional, National or International You can GODOGOOD for any foundation. 

World wide GODOGOOD /  GO DO GOOD  is spread as a name and logo to support charitable organisations and to do volunteers-work. 

Wearing bright yellow-blue or red shirts with the name and logo, Or wearing other colorful cloathing designed by any brand with a GODOGOOD print, to suppor 1 to 10% of any sale to a charitable project can help the world to become more aware and active.

There are many possibilities, so connect and create new content and publications for this platform/network and charitable organisation: GODOGOOD INTERATIONAL. HELP TO CREATE, ..  Wear and use the name GODOGOOD and GO DO GOOD with pride and glory and show RESPECT towards people in need, .. more online at : GODOGOOD.com  initiated and designed logo by Stijn Gabeler


Stijn Gabeler initiated the name GODOGOOD since 1999.

During the first 10 years Stijn created many publications online.

Since the last 10 years Stijn published many more online productions and created new projects. Worked with other people and made many new concepts online to support people to produce online content.

Support was created in 2012, While Stijn created the Stichting GODOGOOD, Foundation for a basic to grow.

PraatNederlands.nl was initiated since 2016 to support the Dutch speaking people and to help people all around the world to connect to language tools to learn and understand the language.

In Holland, Belgium, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Suriname, South Africa, But also anywhere abroad.

WieWaarWat.TV was initiated since 2014, to support journalists in the Netherlands and world-wide to see the change in new-journalism.

Following the rules, Who Where What, WhoWhereWhat.TV was initiated to make this concept a global open knowledge based platform to support people creating online journalism and produce content objective and opensourced.

Filmklusjes.nl and Filmchores.com are 2 sites to help people in the film, TV and media industry to find ways towards working together and helping eachother to find payed work, help eachtother to share content and lift eachother up to a higher level of awareness and activities.

  1. More content online at GODOGOOD.org

GODOGOOD Nederland / GODOGOOD International