Kids and journalism

Ask a question, get an answer!

The concept of Kids and Journalism ... is to make children understand the way we communicate 
The goal is to create coaching and support for children and eldern, to teach them how to ask questions & to get the right answers & to collect information.

The goal is to connect children with older-people. 65+ and beyond.
The kids can use a microphone, mobile-phone or a camera and interview someone older.
By asking the questions:
Who are you?
Where are you?
What do you do in daily life?

or other questions about that past, present and future...
Kids can help to make video's and audio registrations to make real-life interviews.

By connecting to older people, talking and asking questions.. kids can hear stories and the truth from someone older. A vision, A mission, A purpose ... Goals,.. Hopes, Dreams, Wishes,.. The things we need and look for in our current situation.

By helping older people, we wish to take a stand in a better world campaign.
Communication is the goal to make thing possible.
Helping others is part of our purpose.
By training children to become young-journalists and active for WhoWhereWhat.TV ... we can make a difference an change people's life for the better.

Helping Charity organisations. Creating Educational Tools and Supporting people in their search for a better life and more security, safety, comfort, information, contacts and healthier life-styles.

We can change the patterns, help to learn people to change and to grow, focus on our behavior and the things that make us stronger, smarter, more social, more social-active, active for a better world. Help the environment and rescue and help others.

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