IP / International Platform : 
WhoWhereWhat.TV is a platform for starting journalists or journalists on the job who want to help to create a platform of openness and transparancy, finding ways to work together and share knowledge and ways to DATA.

Our International Platform Goals are :

- Interviewing people to make the world of charity-organisations, causes, social platforms and entrepreneurship more transparant and open for everyone.
-Provide better links on the webpages: and for people who wish to work in the filmindustry.

- Finding journalists who can connect together on a same research.
International we wish to find a way to connect to people who can write, film of make photo's and help this platform to become a news portal and platform to sent news around the world faster and clearer.

- Arranging Activities and an Agenda for Events for journalists and data-sharing, information around press related issues and links and content around helping people to become active in the world of journalism.

- Changing the world into a choice and chances environment, Giving people a handout and a hand towards a better-life and better-world campaign, project, production, promotion, platform.

- Track & Trace people who are connected in the network to help them to be journalists in a safe world and feel protected and get supported by their works to find a way towards stories that need to be told for international platform journalistic publications or any open free press production.

- Standardise and Secure information and data and find ways to reach out stories to a public scale.
Send and Secure News around the world ... by people for people, by journalists trained online and supported by the IP/ International Platform. 

Who are you? ... is the first question by any interview towards an open view into the issues.

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