DP / Dutch Platform
The Dutch version of WhoWhereWhat.TV is WieWaarWat.TV - WieWaarWat.TV@gmail.com 
We wish to provide a platform for journalistsic approach on doing good.
Stichting GODOGOOD / GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL initiated this platform to make journalism more concrete for everyone and to make it possible for people to share knowledge and create faster and better ways towards a true story and finding facts and  figures. 
Doing research can be a lot of work. WhoWhereWhat.TV initiated in 2015, was a new concept to launch more interviews with people with a structure and basic start as journalism should be.
3 questions in the right way are the best way to start.
Who are you? = Wie ben jij?
Where are you? Waar ben jij?
What do you do? Wat doe jij ?

The reason for these interviews is to connect with people and communicate towards better ways to create innovations and a better life for everyone who is involved.
The world has so many issues, good journalism can help to make these problems be seen and be changed by people in power.

This platform : WhoWhereWhat.TV was initiated in Holland / The Netherlands by Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler
The concept was to make GO DO GOOD / GODOGOOD a better working foundation and platform for everyone. Helping people in need starts with finding the people, asking the questions about where they are and what they do and what we can do. 
Publishing about these issue's will make it easier for people to understand the problem and to relate to the answers and solutions on these questions.

Controling life means, finding ways to make it easier, better and safer for everyone.
This platform has the mission to work on a safe and secure way on journalistic approach in reaching out for a story and a way to solve any problem.
Connecting people and asking them for questions that can lead to a dialogue that will work towards solutions is part of our way to work attitude. 
Affection, Appreciation and Acceptation are important in the way to find a story and a solution.

As a journalist or starting journalist, you can connect to the Dutch Platform by mailing:

For international issue's and journalists from abroad, ... please email your details, questions, suggestions and possible proposals to: WhoWhereWhat.TV@gmail.com 

With kind greatings,
Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler