Case by Case we hope to help people with  ..
- investigations
- research
- journalistic publications
- facts checking
- registrations / camera / microphone / writings
- content publishing / re-publishing 


Contact the initiator and make a request, sent a proposal or tell how we can help you ...
1st message - always start with your name, where you live and what you need/want 
2nd message? tell us more ...
3rd message and further .. sent us your links to pictures, video or audio and text so we can know more.
(never sent video or photo by whatsapp only if requested, links to your youtube video's or facebook, instagram or twitter and any other social media is welcome but only sent us more if needed. )

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Let's build bridges and use the bridges in life to get together !
People at GODOGOOD are people who like to smile day by day and stil be able to do some serious work 
to make changes possible for the people in need.
We can work together and share our thoughts, so we can create new innovative ways to better solutions.


It takes one step to start a world tour
Our dream is to live our lifes in peace and to travel around the world ...
That's why we share our content online .. to get connected to people all over  the world.
Enjoy this photo-video made in the UK.




WhoWhereWhat.TV is this week at the RAI Amsterdam to cover the ISE 

Who Where What - is a new concept for a better Journalistic approach:
Online photo & video-productions, audio-recording or textwriting..
WhoWhereWhat.TV is a new concept for journalists who want to help GODOGOOD / #GODOGOOD world wide.




Money makes the world go round.

Many people always think about what they want.

If you have the money, you can probably do it or buy it.

Think about the 5 or 10 things that are on your wishlist, ...

What do you realy need of this list?



 conversations, such as one conducted by a reporter, in which facts or statements are elicited from another.

We wish to motivate people to make interviews with a new standard,
1. Tell us who you are, Ask the person you are interviewing who she/he is. (Who are you?)
2. Show us the location, Let the one who is being interviewed tell something about the place (Where are we? /... going to ...?).
3. Focus on what was, what is and what will be, Ask the person what is going on or what has happened. (What is this event about? What products do you represent? .. What are you doing today?) ... etcetera.

Also see the #EUIA websites:


Interviews with : CommonWealthBank and Office of Immigration Novascotia


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