Royal Louisa

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser,
Saturday, October 6, 1832

LAUNCH OF A MODEL FRIGATE. - Yesterday afternoon, at high water, the Royal Louisa,

a most handsome model of a 32-gun frigate, was Iaunched from the slip on which she

was built, at Woolwich Dock-yard, in the presence of several hundred spectators. A

select party of naval officers, and ladies and gentlemen, attended to witness the

ceremony, who were hospitably entertained at the residence of Oliver Lang, Esq., the

master-shipwright, who has been employed upwards of two years on this splendid

specimen of British skill and ingenuity. At three o'clock the ceremony of naming the

vessel was performed by Mrs. Lang, who dashed a bottle of wine at her bows, and

named her the Royal Louisa, with many wishes for he[r] future safety.

The Nautical magazine
, Volume 1 1832

page 210
At twelve o clock the royal party arrived at Woolwich, and were received by the military with the

honours due to royalty. His Majesty, after a graceful acknowledgment of the enthusiastic acclamations

with which he was received by the multitudes assembled on the occasion, proceeded to inspect the

various parts of the dockyard, accompanied by Sir James Graham and the Hon. Capt. Elliott. The

miniature frigate, Royal Louisa, launched on the 2d inst. and intended as a present to the king of

Prussia, principally attracted His Majesty's attention. After passing a short time in the dockyard, the

royal party embarked in barges, amidst an assemblage of vessels on the river, which, being crowded

with company, and displaying flags, produced a pleasing and animating effect.

page 213
The Royal Louisa, a most beautiful model of a 32 gun frigate, intended as present to the King of

Prussia, was launched on 1st May at Woolwich. The ceremony of naming the vessel was performed

in the presence of several hundred spectators by the Lady of Oliver Lang, Esq., the Master Ship-wright.

The whole of the inside of the vessel is of polished mahogany; her cabin is inlaid with plate glass, and

her stern is surmounted with a beautifully executed figure of a black eagle, the national emblem of

Prussia. She is copper bottomed and fastened. Her length is fifty five feet six inches; breadth twelve

feet; depth in hold, eight feet ten inches. Her register tonnage, thirty tons.

page 263
His Majesty's steam vessel Lightning, sailed, on the 4th of June, from Woolwich for Rotterdam, with

the beautiful model-frigate, the Royal Louisa, in tow, which was launched a few weeks since, intended

as a present from His Majesty to the King of Prussia. Lords Frederick and Adolphus Fitzclarence, with

young Prince George of Cambridge, embarked in the Lightning. She sailed a few days before, but was

obliged to put back when within ten leagues of Rotterdam, on account of bad weather.