H M S Dee/African


HMS African, of 295 tons, 90 horse-power, was built at Woolwich in 1825.

'. . . the African was the first British steam vessel

to visit the coast of west Africa.'

                        The Gambia
, Craig Emms, Linda Barnett, Richard Human

1828Commanded by Lieutenant commander Andrew Kennedy, government steamer between
Corfu and Ancona

1834 - 1836Commanded by Lieutenant commander Joseph West, Home station and Mediterranean
1837Commanded by Captain Frederick Willam Beechey, coast of Ireland

1835, February 13, Plymouth, East Stonehouse,

baptism of Thomas Scott Mclean, , an African taken in infancy from the coast of Mozambique

believed at the time of his baptism to be 16 years of age, on board HMS African

Parish Register: MacLean, Thomas Scott; baptism; East Stonehouse; 13 Feb 1835; age 16; African seaboy on