New York Pistol Permit Public Information

Sampling of Pistol Permittees Approximate Locations

Complete list of New York Pistol Permit holders circa 2010:

The public information on this site was provided on request prior to the passage of the NY SAFE Act.  If you have a valid reason, you may have the right to opt out of disclosure of your pistol permit information prospectively under the NY SAFE Act.  Contact your local custodian of pistol permit records for more information, and thank Governor Cuomo and your New York State Legislators for passing this important piece of reform legislation.

Links of interest:

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs tries to shut down the internet - like so many before him, tries... and fails.

Biographical information on Greg Ball - information on the character of the good senator.

Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant Continues to Ignore the Law, but you can still find most of those records here (if slightly dated).



Names and addresses are as provided by the State of New York and may contain (many) errors.  Geolocation of Erie/Putnam-area and other permittees in above map is attempted based on addresses in the database, and may be approximate or wildly incorrect especially when addresses are incomplete or erroneous.  No representation is made as to the accuracy of this information, except that as provided by New York it does contain numerous typos and errors.

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