Do It Yourself

How to do a lot of stuff yourself. 

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I've been born with the curse of being mechanically deficient but fascinated with do it yourself projects. I just love trying to do things myself but often end up disappointed as I either don't finish the project or it doesn't turn out as expected. But I'm going to keep trying. 

Here's a list of how-to and do-it-yourself projects I've come across that I've either completed, simlpy started, or really want to try myself sometime. 

Do it yourself disclaimer: If you hurt yourself, you might not be mechanically inclined either. But seriously, some of this stuff involves sharp instruments, electricity, fire, high pressure and other dangerous things and some of these how-to's I'm just passing along. They might have originated from a tinkerer missing fingers and his sanity so by all means be very careful trying anything. It's at your own risk!