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Our First Horse 

Horses have entered our lives. Well, actually one horse in particular. We're totally new to have a horse, newbies you might say. But we're happy to share our experiences with our first horse in case others need a place to learn from our horse mistakes. Come check out our adventure as we learn about horse expenses, create a horse maintenance schedule and discover what questions need to be ask when buying a first horse for yourself or for a kid. The website is based around the blog software Wordpress, heavily modified with custom features we integrated just for this site.

Monroe County Tennessee Life

It all started with an idea. We moved from a city that had a very active Craigslist page and really missed it when we got here. Fortunately Craigslist has added a page for the Knoxville, Tennessee community and maybe someday they'll add Chattanooga, TN. As cool as that is, we live out in the east Tennessee country and most Craigslist users seem to be in the city. So we started thinking of how we could create something similar to Craigslist for our lcoal area, Monroe County, TN. That evolved into an online community. When we moved here it took us a while to figure out how things work around here so an online community will be helpful to new residents and current residents alike. Here's our Monroe County Life website.

Souris Studios Web Design

Mikki has her own web design business. Souris Studios has designed websites for all kinds of businesses: a church, a radio DJ,  a wakeboard manufacturer and more as well as all our our own websites. Souris Studios designs websites that range from simple and inexpensive to complex, database-driven portals. 

Tennessee Virtual Jeep Club (TNVJC)

The Tennessee Virtual Jeep Club (or TNVJC) is an online Jeep Club for Jeep enthusiasts in the state of Tennessee. The club is family friendly, does not have mandatory meetings or club dues and is open to anyone who wants to join. The Tennessee Virtual Jeep Club website was designed as a club community. Members have access to discussion forums, trail descriptions, an event and trip calendar, Jeep articles and technical how-to's and Jeep news, land use information and resources, a for sale/wanted Jeep classified section, photo galleries and Jeep/4x4 trip reports, members pages and more. TNVJC is member-run, meaning that members actually add content and schedule Jeep trips themselves, without the need for a "president" or club manager. Membership is free and easy, though guests can view much of the Jeep info without signing up. TNVJC will participate in trail cleanups and charity events throughout the region and runs will be scheduled (anyone can schedule a Jeep run) in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas and sometimes further away. This is a "come as you are", "signup if you feel like it" process. 

 Jeeps Only Search Engine

If it's not Jeep-related, it doesn't get listed. Jeeps Only is a search engine and directory of websites that are of value to Jeep owners and enthusiasts. As the name implies, the websites listed apply to Jeeps only. In operation since 1999, Jeeps Only serves almost 1 million visitors each year. Jeeps Only's project Jeep (called "Raptor") is a 1993 Jeep Wrangler YJ, modified with real-world goals and a real-world budget. The website also has a project offroad trailer - a 1967 M416 ex-military trailer designed for offroad abuse. The trailer is being modifed for modern use as an offroad trailer than can handle camping, trail cleanup trash removal and other hauling duties.

That's it for now. We have other things in the works I'll report on later.