Joanne has been making things with fabric from child hood. She made her first bridesmaid dress in her teens. Since then she has made more individual wedding and bridesmaid dresses, curtains, blinds and pelmets and other furnishings. In the 1990's Joanne took on patchwork and quilting making traditional patchwork designs as well as pictorial and abstract wall hangings from photos and drawings.

Joanne is now expanding her range to include reproduction vintage outfits for re-enactments.  Starting with Victorian outfits she is now looking at more recent periods as well as the more ancient.

Other more unusual projects have been a baby tent as a camping travel cot, a Princess Leah fancy-dress out fit for her 6ft husband and items for the local church. Joanne is now focusing on her Ethical Ranges using Organic, Fair trade and recycled products to make her designs. I want to see what I do having a positive effect on the planet and its people. Joanne’s married with three daughters and works from home.