How it unfolds

Examine your motivation - pictures from magazines, historical periods, Movies or the style you saw your favourite film star in at this years Oscars - above all collect pictures of what you like.

Consider what suits you; ask good friends who will give you an honest answer, Joanne will also guide you. What size you are isn’t really an issue just that the dress fits you and is “you”.

If you are having an ethical dress think about what is most important to you as not all the material normally associated with wedding dress are attainable in ethical forms yet.

Plan ahead give yourself 6 to 12 months to create your dress. Joanne only makes 12-15 dresses a year and the summer months book up fast.

Then we can begin to design your dress. Expect to feel very special and have several fittings. Sometimes we make a toile (dummy dress) out of cheaper fabric to try out ideas.


This works on a commissioning fee plus materials.

Materials are separate because you may chose different fabrics You could also supply your own materials.

The fee includes all commissioning design and measuring work, assistance with fabric shopping if desired, fittings as appropriate and of course the actual construction of the piece.

Commissioning fees for Wedding gowns start at about £500 Bridesmaids and Prom dresses at about £250. Payments are made in stages.

Materials can cost anything from about £100 to £500 depending on the style and cost of the materials. Typically £150-200 is more usual.