Our eco-friendly dresses

Now you can have the dress of your dreams, made to fit you exactly and designed to your own unique specifications, all with the peace of mind that you are not damaging the environment.

  • We make our gowns from organic, fair trade and cruelty-free products. We use Peace Silks (vegetarian), and organic cotton and hemp fabrics.
  • Most organic fabrics come only in unbleached shades, so we are planning to offer a natural dyeing service.
  • Recycling is also a possibility. Why not consider having your mother’s wedding dress altered or restyled?

Wholly Jo's took part in the Eco Fashion Challenge and is featured in The Changing Times. Lucie Weatherall set a challenge to source a prom outfit that was organic and fair trade. She came to Wholly Jos with a clear idea of the design and shape she wanted and worked with Joanne to produce beautiful prom dress from peace silks. Lucie not only went to the ball, but also promenaded her dress at London's Eco Design Fashion Show.

Our ethical policies

  • Joanne will not make direct copies of other designers’ work. She will use other designs only as an inspiration to make a gown that is unique to you.
  • All our gowns are made by Joanne using a sewing machine and hand work. Joanne is paid a fair wage. She does not compete on price with high street stores, but you will know that your dress has not been produced in a sweatshop in the Far East.
  • Your dress will be made in this country and it will not clock up thousands of unnecessary product miles being flown across the globe.
  • Whenever possible, we like to support local independent small businesses.
  • We now buy ethical products and services along the above lines for our stationery and other business needs.

Joanne is in the process of converting to an ethical trading system, but still needs to make a sustainable living wage. She does therefore make some non-ethically based commissions when requested.