Wholly Jo’s is an ethical wedding gown designer and dressmaker based in Uxbridge, West London.

See my Greenbelt 2012 talk

Our philosophy at Wholly Jo’s is to create a gown that
  • will make you feel exceptionally special
  • to celebrate your femininity and womanly curves;
  • to make your friends and family sigh in wonder.

It will be exactly want you wanted

  • Excellent quality
  • A superb fit
  • Enhancing your body shape
  • Suitable for the weather
  • Completely unique

We also now have a growing base of costumes for vintage and re-enactment events. Regency, Victorian and 20th century as well as earlier periods.

Our specialty is Wedding Gowns but the whole repertoire includes not only the gowns but also Baby quilts, Christening Gowns, Bridesmaids, that Ball gowns and Prom dresses which no one else will have, Mothers of the Bride’s outfits and special quilts to become an heirloom for generations, and Vestments. Organic and Fair trade options always available.
01895 905527 - Joanne@wholly-jo.co.uk