Worldwide Brands Review - Is WorldwideBrands Worth Joining?

"How I Used Worldwide Brands to Go From Losing Money to Making 320% ROI Drop Shipping on eBay"

Last updated on: 01/04/2018

In this Worldwide Brands review, I'm going to talk about how I used  Worldwide Brands to find a drop shipper that sold socks, which I then resold on eBay for about four times what I paid for them - an ROI of 321%.

I'm also going to talk about what Worldwide Brands is, the good features, what it's lacking and how to get a $50 discount if you join.

It was a few years ago that I first started selling on eBay.

Selling one eBay with Worldwide Brands

I'd used the online marketplace to buy stuff before, so had an account with a feedback score of about 20, and I started using it to sell socks that I bought from a wholesaler I found in China to make some extra cash from home.

The wholesaler had low prices and were willing to drop ship to my customers in the United States, so I thought this could work.

The problem, as I later found out, was that I would only make pennies from each pair of socks that I sold.  Although I bought the socks for about $2.50 (including very slow shipping from China) I could only get about $3.00 selling them on eBay.

Then there was the 5% of orders that got lost in transit between China and the USA - which ate into my profit margin even further.

But I did build up to a good amount of sales pretty fast.  Even though I was selling each pair of generic socks for about $3.00, I found myself taking over $100 a day in revenue quite often - so I knew the demand was there.

The problem was that my product was too generic - I was selling plain or block color socks that you could buy from many other eBay sellers too.  That's all my supplier was offering for sale.

Drop shipped socks - just plain colours, very generic

There was so much competition - and as the delivery from my drop shipper was so slow (usually 2-4 weeks) - that I could not raise my prices at all.

I needed a better supplier.  A drop shipper that had a wide range of products - that were unique but still cheap. With less generic socks, I could charge a premium and make a better profit.

I also needed a drop shipper that would be able to deliver faster - I could not charge high prices, even for unusual socks, if they still took a month to arrive.

That's when I first came across Worldwide Brands, which turned out to be something of a secret weapon for eBay sellers.

Founded by an eBay PowerSeller and the only source of suppliers that's officially certified by eBay, Worldwide Brands has over 16 million products from about 8,000 drop shippers and wholesalers - including over 70 that sell socks.

The Worldwide Brands home page

Most are based in North America, which was good for me, but there are still many in China and Europe too.

Worldwide Brands seemed expensive at first at $299 (there's a discount of $50 if you use this link).

But unlike alternatives that I looked at, such as Salehoo and Doba, that was a one off fee for access to everything (the others have high recurring fees and you have to pay more for the 'extras').

In the end, it worked out to be worth it for me - as I was able to find 72 suppliers of socks, of which 49 were based in the USA or Canada.  I contacted about ten of them, and in the end chose four to buy from.

Their prices were slightly higher than what I was paying the Chinese supplier (the average cost is about $2.85 per pair), but not much more as the socks were still made in China in most cases - just imported to the USA and stored in my four drop shipper's warehouses.

They were, however, certainly unique.  Here are some cool socks that I was able to find last year (2017) through Worldwide Brands:

arty socks that I bought from a supplier on Worldwide Brands
As they were shipped from the USA, nearly all my customers had their socks in less than a week of ordering - and that was with economy shipping.

The best thing was that with a combination of unique products and fast (and reliable) shipping I was able to increase my prices a lot - and people still bought from me on eBay.

Last summer, I was able to sell these socks for $12 a pair - while only paying $2.85 for them.

Other eBay sellers have started selling the same socks now (as of March 2018), so the prices have dropped, but I had a good few months at 321% ROI with them before that.

And since then, using the same four suppliers I found in Worldwide Brands, I have been selling other new and unique socks for as much as $12.  With three of them, I've been able to negotiate down prices as well.

Also, I'm still selling the 'art socks' above for about $5.50 a pair, which is nearly 100% profit, so not bad for last year's trend.

One of the key things about selling on eBay successfully is to keep up with trends - and to do that you need a large range of suppliers that are trustworthy and easy to find.

That's what I have found most useful about my Worldwide Brands membership - easy access to so many good suppliers.

What is Worldwide Brands?

As you may have read in other Worldwide Brands reviews, WWB is not a supplier itself - it's a directory of about 8,000 drop shippers and wholesalers from around the world, but most are in the USA, Canada, the UK and China.

From these suppliers there are about 16 million products that they have in stock, which you can search through in the WWB members area by keyword, category, brand name, etc.

finding wholesalers and drop shippers online

The products range from generic goods to top brands, many of which are difficult to find suppliers for as they have to be approved by the manufacturer.

Worldwide Brands is essentially a search engine for wholesale products - and it's one of the largest there is with more products than any other wholesale directory.

One of the key features of WWB is that all of the drop shippers and wholesalers are certified.  That means that someone at Worldwide Brands has checked they are not a scam, counterfeit supplier or just unreliable before adding them to the directory.

worldwide brands offers a guarantee against scams

This is especially useful if you are looking for drop shippers - as you can be sure the goods ordered from WWB suppliers will actually arrive at your customer's address.

Worldwide Brands Review: What's Good?

Worldwide Brands is the largest source of products from verified suppliers in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and China.

The key features are:

1. More than 16 million products from over 8,000 drop shippers and wholesalers - larger than Salehoo and other directories

2. All drop shippers and wholesalers have been researched by the WWB team and are all guaranteed to be legitimate and reliable - no scams.

3. Worldwide Brands has a one off fee for full access to everything - there are no hidden or recurring costs

4. Nearly all suppliers in the WWB directory are either drop-shippers or wholesalers that sell in 'light bulk' - which means low minimum orders

5. You can search the directory by anything from broad categories (e.g. "clothes") to brand names and very specific product descriptions, like "vacuum insulated bottles"

6. Their customer support will help to find suppliers for you in the directory if you want advice

7. They also go out and find new suppliers if there are none for what you're looking for (you have to request this, but they do it)

8. WWB has suppliers for a very large number of well known brands and generic products

9. Prices are lower than elsewhere because there are so many suppliers competing to sell goods

10. Worldwide Brands is officially certified by eBay

11. Suppliers are mostly based in the USA, Canada and EU, so you do not have to worry about slow shipping from China.

The last point is an important one.  Buying from drop shippers in China through sites like DHGate or Ali Express can be very cheap, but delivery can take as long as 2-4 weeks, and even longer in some European countries.

Most customers will not be happy with that.  But Worldwide Brands is the largest source of trade suppliers in the USA, Canada, etc., which makes is a good alternative to sourcing suppliers from China.

Worldwidebrands Review - key points

And nearly 20 years after it was founded by an eBay power-seller in 1999, Worldwide Brands is still the best place for eBay sellers to find drop shippers and wholesalers.

That's because with Worldwide Brands you don't have to worry about three key issues that are important for when selling on eBay:

1. All suppliers are certified and reliable - so there is no risk orders will be late, damaged or not arrive, which could give you a bad feedback score.

2. Prices are as low as you'll find them - including drop shippers and light bulk wholesalers

3. WWB has the widest range of products - and the lowest minimum orders, as they specialise in drop shippers and light bulk wholesalers.

Worldwide Brands also comes with market research tools that are specifically designed to gage the demand on eBay for a product, and help you find products that will sell well there.

I've used these quite a lot, and the market research tools are some of the best I've seen - even compared to quite expensive paid tools.

Worldwide Brands Review: What's Bad?

There are two things I don't like about Worldwide Brands:

1. The price is high at $299

2. There are so many products it can be easy to get lost

To help with the fist issue, here's a link to get $50 off membership to Worldwide Brands, which makes it $249 instead of $299.  That's for lifetime membership and there are not extra costs.

The second probably needs explaining.  If you search for something like "t-shirts" on Worldwide Brands, you'll get thousands of results - tens of thousands.

There are solutions though:

You can search for certain types of suppliers only - selecting just the drop-shippers, or 'light bulk' wholesalers, large volume wholesalers, liquidators, etc.

Worldwide Brands review - search options

You can also select the country they supply to or are based in (most are in the USA and Canada)

Worldwide Brands - select supplier country

These tools help to filter out the noise so you can find the right suppliers.  You can also save some sellers to your favourites and just search within these too.

Finally, if you do get stuck or just want help finding the best supplier for what you're looking for you can submit a help request and someone from Worldwide Brands will reply with suppliers of what you're looking for.

Their customer support is very helpful - but then you'd expect a good service for over $200.

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Worldwide Brands Reviews: Is It Worth Joining?

Worldwide Brands is expensive, but it's the largest source of certified drop shippers and wholesalers that exists - with ten times the number of products as Salehoo and the most in depth training available.

It's by far the best source of drop-shippers if you're selling on eBay - which I've been doing for years - and is the only directory that eBay itself has certified.

Perhaps most importantly, all of the suppliers are fully researched and guaranteed to be reliable, so there is no risk buying from them.

Worldwide Brands review conclusion

With the number of products from drop-shippers and wholesalers in Worldwide Brands, you're more likely to find what you're looking for at the right price there than anywhere else.

And if you do have difficulty finding what you're looking for, I'd recommend asking their support team to do it for you - as they often come back with good suggestions.

Although Worldwide Brands is expensive, there is a $50 discount available, are no hidden or extra costs and it comes with a money back guarantee - so I'd recommend giving it a try if you're looking for low cost products from high quality suppliers to sell online for a good profit.

Worldwide Brands Review - The WWB Homepage

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My Worldwide Brands Review

When you build a web site ensure it is visible on search engines so people can find you. After the site is hosted then the sole thing a user have to do is to type website address in their browser and after the web site becomes loaded on a browser. Thus don't be so surprised if you find a great deal of sites attempt to convince you that you may make lots of money just by joining their survey programs. Do not visit the meeting and begin asking them simple questions you could have found out in their site or in the wholesale directory listings.

Folks are usually tired of the exact brands they were using over time, so when they don't find the expected innovation they migrate to new brands. Do not purchase the least expensive insoles you may find, there are a few decent brands that cost a small bit more. After reading my worldwide brands review at the base of this page, I'm certain you'll understand the reason why they are the major dropshipping directory in the business today. Lean Cuisine and many other brands offer you tasty diet meals that are much better than what a shipping service will offer you.

The Good and the Bad

The item is sent straight to the customer. If you choose you would like to sell physical products as your online business there is one particular mistake you must avoid if you wish to have any prospect of being successful.

It takes a lot more than simply sourcing for a product to be successful you require a good basis of knowledge this area will provide you with that! You don't need to pay for products upfront, nor do you need to store stock. You see, I didn't understand how to discover profitable products. So you are in need of a good or line of products to sell online well you may search the internet and attempt to locate wholesale product suppliers.

Internet business is in a variety of ways the very same as conventional brick and mortar organization. It's possible to learn how to do the very same with your own company and truly make a great living online.

There isn't any way to verify whether a provider is a real wholesale supplier by taking a look at a site. Instead, the organization works hard to bring online sellers the best assortment of merchandise from verified manufacturers at the lowest wholesale rates, all which is good for your company, whether or not a beginner or serious seller. It is essential that you're conscious of what things to expect when dealing with drop shipping businesses.

The perfect way to go about it is to choose correctly the businesses that you wish to affiliate with. The organization provides products for more than 50,000 online retailers represented in 46 nations. Additionally, it offers free shipping on selected items. It has over 35 production facilities in more than 20 countries. Various companies have various strengths and regions of focus. It's a well-established business that has long become the top seller in its niche in order that they don't accept everyone.

While Doba and Oberlo are often compared to Worldwide Brands, they are not exactly alike.  I've written more about them on this site.

There are some alternatives to Worldwide Brands that I've covered in other reviews - these are mainly sites that allow you to buy direct from China and while useful are often less reliable than the suppliers found in WWB.  The main ones are DHGate and AliExpress.

The Good Points

Two prices learn if the item is best for you. The wholesale prices supplied to you is going to be the same as people offered to huge retail chains and major businesses. That means you are able to get your REAL wholesale rates. Working with their top-level wholesalers you are certain to find REAL wholesale rates, you all never must pay unnecessary fees and youall keep your customers safe! Furthermore, there'll not be a guarantee that you're paying the best prices. The last sale price and the proportion of items actually sold are a few of the main metrics.  For more information about alternatives to Worldwide Brands, read my DHgate review here.

The organization is classified as a wholesale directory service which connects you to millions of goods and many thousand suppliers. Specialized drop shopping companies found on the internet are wonderful for what they are and we'll chat about them in only a moment but they may not necessarily be the top selection for your unique niche or market. It's probable you'll want to run your business for at least 4 decades, so Salehoo could end up as the more expensive alternative. Instead, the business works hard to bring online sellers the best array of goods from verified manufacturers at the lowest wholesale rates, all which is good for your company, whether or not a beginner or serious seller.

When you locate a supplier to work with, you will be in a position to get hold of them and make your very first purchase. The one thing you are able to do is find new suppliers. The safest Suppliers (with the greatest wholesale prices) are at the peak of the supply chain. If you pick a random wholesaler online and choose to place an order, your probability of receiving premium quality products will be quite random.

What about the negatives?

Despite lacking a few of the whistles and bells of different websites, you get a gigantic array of merchandise and great no-nonsense membership terms without a risk, as well all the resources you will need to learn and grow your small business, backed up by responsive member support services. Bear in mind which you shouldn't just type in the product that you want to sell and contact the manufacturer. Essentially, you're focusing on the item. It's possible to look for highly unique products in addition to basic ones which are constantly demanded by your intended clients. You would like to sell popular products which other sellers are selling at the moment. You don't need to pay for products upfront, nor do you must store stock. Another means is to take that generic merchandise and attempt to find an angle it is possible to use while marketing it.

You still must get the complete directory. This wholesale directory has a rather straightforward fee system. The secret is to know which wholesale directories you are able to trust.  Worldwide Brands works well with Shopify and Shopify Plus too, much like Doba and Oberlo do.

The business strives to be an innovative and skilled partner for its customers, and has an extremely thorough business procedure to guarantee top-level service whatsoever times. Worldwide Brands was is not headquartered in the United Kingdom and was established in 2003. It even provides hotel reservation services, as well as English and Hungarian interpretation. If you are in need of a dependable organization to import your merchandise to or from China, there are many businesses to select from.

Worldwide Brands coupon link

Baby products are definitely the most delicate yet essential items needed for good growth and development of your infant. An assortment of organic and organic baby products can be obtained online nowadays.

Worldwide Brands is the leading drop shipper and wholesaler directory for a good reason - it's the best.  With the largest catalogue of products by over ten million, full eBay certification and the lowest prices, Worldwide Brands is worth the extra investment.