Oberlo Review - Is Oberlo The Best Shopify App?

"Oberlo Review: Is Oberlo The Best  Drop Shipping App On Shopify?"

Last updated on: 13/06/2018

There are a lot of Oberlo reviews online, but in this Oberlo review I'm going to focus on these key questions:

1. What is Oberlo?

2. How do you set it up?

BONUS: How to get Oberlo for Free

3. How to use Oberlo - and make the most money with it

4. What's good about it?

5. What it's lacking - and are there better alternatives?

6. How much does it cost?

7. Finally: Is Oberlo worth using?

Now, let's get straight into the review.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is an app for Shopify stores - it allows you to set up a new store and fill it with products from drop shippers almost immediately.  You can then use Oberlo to automate the fulfilment and tracking of orders placed on your store.

There are five key things Oberlo does:

1. Imports products directly from AliExpress.com into your store

2. Manages products, images, description, variations, title, prices, fulfilment, etc.

3. Update - set Oberlo to update the price in your store if the wholesale price changes, update stock levels, etc.

4. Automate fulfilment from your drop shippers to your customers, and track it

5. Oberlo Supply - this is a curated list of products that are shipped fast from the most reliable suppliers on Ali Express.

Oberlo review - the official Oberlo site

The basic version of Oberlo is free to use and it's currently the most popular app on the Shopify marketplace.

There are some benefits to using the paid upgrades, which I'll talk about later in this Oberlo review, but the free version is good to start with.

There's no risk trying Oberlo - you can sign up free here.

There's no need to enter any payment details either - just your name and email to get started with Oberlo for free.  It's also very easy to install (I explain how later).

The only requirement is that you have either a free or paid Shopify account - you can get a free 14 day trial of Shopify here, that will allow you to install and make full use of Oberlo right away.

If you already use Shopify, you can install Oberlo immediately from this page.

Oberlo Review - What is Oberlo?

Oberlo imports products from Ali Express - the largest and most popular source of drop shipped goods.  There are plans to extend it's functionality to import from sites like DHGate and Amazon, but that's coming soon.

Oberlo Review: How to Install It

Setting up Oberlo on your Shopify account is really simple.  The only thing you need is a Shopify account or a free trial of Shopify.

If you don't have a Shopify account yet, then I recommend setting up a new free 14 day trial here (no credit card required - just name and email).

Then install Oberlo (direct link here) and play around with it.

The basic version of Oberlo is totally free, no payment details are required and there’s no commitment to even keep using it.

If you use this link you’ll get a 14 day free trial of Shopify and unlimited access to Oberlo in one go.

Click here to try out Shopify and Oberlo together now for free.

If you already have a Shopify account though, click here to go straight to the Oberlo installation page to get Oberlo for free.

Oberlo review - how to install Oberlo to your Shopify store

Click “Get” once you’ve signed up or logged into the Shopify marketplace and Oberlo will be installed immediately on your store.

I’ll explain the difference between the paid and free versions later in this Oberlo review, but for now there’s no need to worry about that - you can install Oberlo onto your Shopify account right now for free with no commitment to pay or even keep using it, so it’s worth trying out.

And that’s it - now you’re ready to start importing products from Ali Express to your Shopify store!

Oberlo: How to Use It

There are two categories of products you can import to your store:

Oberlo Supply - these are a curated list of about 1 million products that are available from the most trusted sellers on Ali Express.  These are good, but the range is more limited.  It’s only about 5-10% of the products available on Ali Express.

It’s easy to use, just go to the Oberlo Supply page once you’ve installed Oberlo and search for the products you want to import.

All of Ali Express - if you want to import products from outside the Oberlo Supply list, thats easy too.

You just need to navigate to Ali Express and get the URL of the product you want to import, like this:

Fruit socks page on Ali Express

Now, go to your Shopify account and click on the Oberlo dashboard.  You’ll see a screen like the one below.

Click on “add your first product”.

Oberlo review - add a product from Ali Express

Then enter the copied URL from Ali Express into the first field in the pop up interface, like this:

Enter the Ali Express URL into Oberlo

Click the green “import” button and you will see the page below appear.  You can edit the product details easily - such as the title, description, etc. here.  I would recommend changing the product name at least, as the names on Ali Express are often long and difficult to read.

Once you’re happy with the details just click the green “import to store” button and the product will be fully set up in your Shopify store!

Your imported product in the Oberlo dashboard

You can edit the prices too - and and each variant of the product.  This is useful if the product comes in various colours or sizes, like the pair of fruit themed socks I imported from Ali Express.

Products and variants can also be deleted easily - and Oberlo will automatically know when the product is is or out of stock and update the availability on your site.

Edit your product from Ali Express

From then on, you can edit it whenever you like and the changes will be live immediately on your Shopify store.

Once the product has been imported into your Shopify store directly from Ali Express Oberlo will be able to help you fulfil orders with just a few clicks - and make sure that you buy the right product from the right seller by always maintaining the link to that exact product ID on Ali Express.

Fulfilling orders is equally simple - this video shows how to buy what your customers have purchased from drop shippers and have it send directly to them - and how to track orders:

How to Fulfil Orders with Oberlo

Now that you know how to set up and manage orders with Shopify and Oberlo, let’s get back to my Oberlo review.

But remember that if you are new to using either Oberlo or Shopify I recommend setting up a new free trial here - if you use this link you’ll get the longest free trial available for Shopify and Oberlo will be set up automatically on your store (also free).

Click here to find out more about Oberlo

Oberlo Review: Good vs Bad

The key features of Oberlo are:

Add products from AliExpress.com
You can import and edit products from the largest Chinese wholesaler marketplace (Ali Express) in seconds with Oberlo

Fulfil orders fast
Oberlo stores the details of each product you import from Ali Express, so you can buy that product from the original seller and have it delivered direct to your customer with a few clicks, over and over again.

Oberlo - connects Ali Express and Shopify

Change suppliers easily
Oberlo also allows you to change supplier too.  If you were selling a product from Supplier A and the price went up, but Supplier B had a lower price, you could just start fulfilling orders with Supplier B instead of Supplier A.

Dynamic prices
You can set a fixed price for any product you import, like $5.99, or you can set a fixed margin.  That means that if the seller on Ali Express increases the price, 

Inventory management
Easily set Oberlo to hide products in your store when the seller runs out of stock, then re-appear when they are back in stock.

Track your sales
You can track all your orders in the Oberlo dashboard.  See what each customer ordered, when it was dispatched, when it arrived, etc.

Multiple user accounts
This is available with the paid version of Oberlo, and it's useful if you hire anyone to fulfil orders for you as your business grows.

Oberlo Supply
This is a database of over one million products form Ali Express that are highly rated and fulfilled with by Ali Express themselves, or a seller with the highest possible reliability scores.  It's a huge list of products from drop shippers that you can sell without risk - and it's free.

There are a few things that Oberlo lacks - or that they could improve:

Only works with Shopify 
Oberlo currently only works with Shopify stores - no other e-commerce platforms.

Oberlo is an app for Shopify and Ali Express
Only imports from AliExpress.com
Oberlo can only import and sell products form Ali Express, not DHGate, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

If you want to import products from DHGate, Amazon, Etsy.com and others then I recommend looking at Dropified instead.

But for most people, drop shipping with the magic combination of Shopify and Ali Express is more than enough to make money - and that's exactly what Oberlo does best.

Oberlo: The Features Compared

Most users will be happy with the Starter (free) or Basic Oberlo plans ($29.90/m)

Oberlo review - the packages compared

Two key features
Oberlo Basic has over the free/Starter version are that you can track your customer's shipments and monitor how the drop shippers are fulfilling their orders.

You'll only need the "Pro" version if you employ others and need multiple logins.

Click here to get Oberlo for free now - you can upgrade later.

How Much Does Oberlo Cost?

There are three levels of Oberlo - the free plan, basic plan and pro plan which are outlined in the chart above.

Free Plan ($0.00 a month) - this is a great way to try out Oberlo.  You can use most of the functionality - import products, edit them, use wither fixed or dynamic pricing and take advantage of Oberlo's inventory and fulfilment management features.

Basic Plan ($29 a month) - This plan is for Shopify stores with up to 500 orders a month.  It includes everything in the table above, apart from shipment tracking and orders monitoring features

Pro Plan ($79 a month) - Useful for big stores, or if you hire anyone (you get multiple user accounts).  Includes absolutely everything in the table above and there's no limit to the number of orders per month.

There's a 30 day free trial of any plan that's available here too.

Conclusion: Is Oberlo Worth Buying?

Oberlo is a great tool for saving time - you can import products, edit them and fulfil orders with ease and no errors.

Even with the free version, the functionality is great and you can add and manage up to 500 products - doing everything from importing to automatic fulfilment.

The only features the paid versions of Oberlo have that the free one does not are shipment tracking and the ability to add multiple users.  These are useful for an established store - but if you're just trying it out I definitely recommend the free version of Oberlo.

Oberlo is probably the best app on Shopify at the moment - so popular Shopify actually bought it from the original creators.

If you're thinking of getting Oberlo you'll be amazed how easy it is to import products and make sure the right item is dispatched to your customer - even with more complex products that have many options.

Oberlo Review - my conclusion

This is my Oberlo review, and while there may be other Oberlo reviews online - this one will hopefully be the most detailed and useful for you.  With Oberlo, you can get and sell online easily. I've also written a Salehoo review and this Worldwide Brands review here.  

I also hope you find my recent Clickbank University review useful - it's detailed and has both good and bad points about the course.

Dropshipping is possibly the most discussed way to sell online. The website features support in the shape of a contact form, community forum, in addition to a search bar that will help you find answers. Once your website is set up, the next thing to do is to convince someone to get a product which you offer. The Product Page is the area where the true purchase is initiated. It's strongly recommended that you customize and optimize the item (in Oberlo) information with unique titles and descriptions. You can discover a variety of great reviews on Youtube and Instagram to show the quality.

If you want to sell in the USA using Oberlo, make sure that your products can be delivered with the ePacket shipping option. You may also edit the products you have in one click, essentially supplying you with 2 dashboards in the scenario. A good deal are slow and have poor excellent products but should you do your research you'll be able to locate the diamonds in the rough.

Oberlo Review: What is Oberlo?

All you need to do is scan the item, see if it's something which you wish to sell, set your price for the merchandise and then push it to shop.

At times you might find that you're not marketing properly or your products are simply not suitable for your core customers. It permits you to automatically import a gigantic quantity of products to your store in minutes. Therefore don't get overly excited when you find the identical product at a portion of the purchase price.

You may begin selling products today! If you find something that you wish to offer on your store, all you've got to do is click the Oberlo icon and the item is prepared to be published on your store. The particular amount which you mark up each item is dependent primarily on the profit margins you want to accomplish. You are able to import practically any item that's available on Oberlo.

Oberlo Summary

When companies dropship they generally get in touch with a manufacturer which is already making the products they'd love to sell. The organization has also reduced a number of the pricing recently, so they are much more competitive today. Building a dropshipping company is hard. Developing a profitable dropshipping business can often look like a daunting and complicated job. You see, whenever you're seeking to scale a dropshipping business, using several sites, merchants, and sellers is vital to your success.

Since the delivery is an immense factor between a thriving company and an unsuccessful, it's quite comfortable knowing you can only decide to import products which has fast delivery. Everyone expects absolutely free shipping. If you can't do free delivery on all your items, consider creating different promotions like free delivery on some particular product category or completely free delivery on orders over a certain sum. Free shipping is everywhere, and it is going to dramatically decrease the friction of purchasing at your store. Global shipping is surely available, but it appears to have some strong benefits for those in the United Kingdom.

With Oberlo, you can produce your store in just a couple clicks and each of the server setup and maintenance is taken care of for you. If you've already set up your store, then you are aware that there might just be two or three things you merely wish you could avoid doing, since they are a little bit tedious. Everyone would like to profit from an internet store without the frustration of warehousing and shipping everything themselves. If you've got an online store you're likely to want to have a complete product list to make the most of your potential sales and earnings. Make certain you launch your store as speedily as possible and concentrate on generating sales. Pick the products which you desire to import to your Oberlo store.

Oberlo Reviews: The Perfect Combination with Shopify?

With time, if you continue to request reviews about 2-4 weeks after every customer has received their products you'll find you'll gain more reviews than your competition. The more reviews you receive on an item, the more likely you should find a review rich snippet. You'll learn what steps you may take to acquire more reviews and a couple product review recommendations to have you started.  Oberlo integrates perfectly with shopify, for more information about this please read my shopify review here.  I also write about shopify plus and shopify plus pricing here.

If you are in possession of a new company and have limited resources, passing on the specific rate is an easy means to lessen costs. It is quite a bit easier to create a business on something which you love because you are going to be enjoying the work which you do. When the majority of people think about what it can take to create an internet business, they frequently think that it's way to complicated to even start. So if you're intent on starting your own web business, this is the very best spot to receive it started.


You need to continuously reach out to your clients to increase your store's reviews. When you get started getting customers, that's when you can concentrate on building up your reviews. Unfortunately it doesn't appear this business provides their customers with a chance to request and get a refund right now. When creating categories for your site, you ought to think about all the different ways your customers would shop. While customers won't mention your brand they'll be in a position to provide insight into the item. Unfortunately not all their previous customers have actually had a great experience with this business. Asking customers for review is the best means to receive reviews.

For each product that you find on Oberlo, you will see information like the cost of the item, its rating, the quantity of times it's been sold, supplier info, and more. Therefore, if a price drops from the supplier's end, you'll be notified in the event you'd like to correct the pricing on your own site. On this page, you will be supplied with the minimum price which you will have the ability to set for the shirt so as to cover the expenses of the shirt and the printing. You'll also be given a recommended price for exactly what you should sell the shirt for, and a profit chart that will reveal to you the profits you will earn based on the volume of shirts you sell.

With Oberlo, you merely locate a product you wish to sell, list it upon your site and process the sale with Oberlo. Once you sell an item, you merely purchase it from a dropshipping supplier and get it shipped right to the customer. Now, utilizing a method named Dropshipping (like what's available with Oberlo) you don't even should have any products in your inventory. Remember that you need ton't just type in the product you would like to sell and contact the manufacturer. Before making decisions it is necessary to find out what others are saying about the product you're interested in. Eventually, you are going to want to buy your goods in bulk and look after the shipping. A whole lot are slow and have lousy high quality products but should you do your research you are able to locate the diamonds in the rough.

Oberlo Review: The Good Things

You are able to begin selling products using Oberlo today! At times you might find that you're not marketing properly or your products are simply not best for your core customers. If you are pleased with your product have ordered the incorrect dimensions, the business states they will be pleased to exchange your order for a new shirt of the right size, so long as you are ready to cover the return postage. Your exclusive products don't need to be physical products which require shipping. Once you have located an appropriate item, you may add it to your import list.

With Oberlo - just scan the item, set your price for the merchandise and then push it to shop. Needless to say, it is a little tricky to wade through so many products, and the website could use a good search engine to aid you.  There are many good points to talk about in this review of Oberlo.

In case it seems inactive people can opt to browse elsewhere as they might believe they may not obtain their product should they order. It enables you to easily import products. It merely means you have to be savvy about where you list these products, and prevent attempting to compete with the important websites. For one, you don't need your own item. Even if you're only reselling products from different manufacturers, you remain accountable for the safe delivery of your merchandise.

The other is access to verified suppliers in order to always know your orders are likely to be fulfilled properly. Oberlo grants you accessibility to a wide selection of Oberlo solutions. It's strongly recommended that you customize and optimize the item information with unique titles and descriptions. With dropshipping, you can purchase and sell online effortlessly. Dropshipping is possibly the most discussed way to sell online. There are several ways how you can begin your business on the internet.

As soon as you get an order, you can discover it in the Oberlo Orders page. Drop shipping may appear simple, but one of its major challenges is the way to locate suppliers, prices which are within the array of reason, and the way to update the products displayed on your website. Therefore, if a price drops from the supplier's end, you are going to be notified in the event you'd like to correct the pricing on your own site. The price that you see on each item is what you'll need to pay the supplier to order it. For example, if the purchase price of an item drops from the supplier's end, you are going to be notified in the event you want to modify the price displayed for the product on your site too. It's something similar with pricing.  There are alternatives to Oberlo as well - the most similar service is Doba, but there are also directories like Salehoo and Worldwide brands.  I've written reviews of Doba and Worldwide Brands elsewhere on this site too.

Oberlo Review: the bad things

Oberlo is not perfect, but it is a good tool.  The auto-update for inventory is particularly important and useful, as anyone that has been burned through an out-of-stock product can let you know. With a classic online shop, order fulfillment can be time intensive and stressful. For this reason, you won't have the ability to buy items from the supplier automatically anymore. For this reason, you won't be in shortage of merchandise and will readily find what you demand.

Meaning, you will not ever sell an item that's recently gone out of stock. It permits you to automatically import a significant quantity of products to your store in minutes. Following that, anytime you need to bring a new solution, it's only going to take you some minutes to open things, grab the item and set it on your website.  I want this Oberlo review to be informative, so I'm not only covering the good points.

Your products are presently in your Oberlo store and your customers are in a position to purchase them. When you locate a product that you wish to improve your Oberlo store, click the Add product button. Once you sell an item, you merely purchase it from a dropshipping supplier and get it shipped straight to the customer. All you need to do is scan the item, see if it's something which you need to sell, set your price for the goods and then push it to shop. All things considered, now it is easy to sell your digital products through Sellfy with no hesitation and fret about financial and delivery portion of the sale. You are able to then include a few other products into your cart even in case the items are predicted to come from other suppliers.

Oberlo Review: My Conclusion

I hope you have found this Oberlo review useful.  Oberlo is a great tool for settign up a new Shopify store really fast - and it even comes with a free trial so I definitely recommend giving Oberlo a second look.

Dropshipping is an inexorably prevalent way of offering items on the net and it's an extraordinary strategy, to start with, an internet business. Pick the products which you desire to import to your Oberlo store. If you've got an online store you're likely to want to have a complete product list to make the most of your potential sales and earnings. Everyone would like to profit from an internet store without the frustration of warehousing and shipping everything themselves. With the capacity to import droppshipped products within a few minutes, everyone can open a robust online shop.

It is possible to begin selling products today! With Oberlo's Market Research tools, you're ready to locate the latest products on the sector instantly.

With the assistance of their platform, it is easy to buy and sell products with dropshipping. You are able to import practically any item that's available on Oberlo. Just because you're dropshipping products doesn't signify you wish to get rid of sight of the shipment procedure. Make a list of potential products that you want to sell. All you need to do is click order merchandise and confirm your purchase.  Oberlo is a great service, and I highly recommend it as part of my Oberlo review - although Doba, Salehoo and Worldwide Brands are also good.  There are other good Oberlo reviews online as well.