DHGate Review - What is DH Gate and is it Reliable?

"DHGate Review: How I Buy Stuff on DHGate.com at 80% off Retail Prices (+ Coupons)"

Last updated on: 02/09/2018

In this DHGate review, I'm going to talk about what DHGate is, how I used it to buy stuff for myself at 80% less than the store price and how I then set up an eBay store selling socks that I bought cheaply on DHGate at a 320% ROI.

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Unlike most DHGate reviews, I'm also going to compare it to the alternatives too.  But first I want to talk about what I do and why I'm writing this.

I've always been interested in fashion - and when the 'bold/crazy socks' trend came a long a few years back - I jumped straight on the bandwagon and bought a lot of pretty cool socks in a store in New York.

I spent a fair amount on them - which may seem mad, as they are only socks.  I thought to myself, if I'm willing to spend money on cool socks - maybe other people are too.

So about a few months later I started selling socks myself on eBay - initially plain socks that I bought from a drop-shipper in China, much like what you would find on DHGate, but I found them directly through searching on Google.

The drop-shipper sold socks like these for about $2.50 (inc. shipping to the USA, where my customers are):

Selection of plain socks form a Chinese wholesaler, like those on DHGate

I had some initial success selling them on eBay - sometimes making as much as $100 a day in revenue - but my profits were tiny.

I could only sell the socks for about $3.00 a pair, which left me around $0.50 gross profit for each pair I sold.

DHGate - the official site

Then there was the cost of returned orders, refunds and items that were lost in transit that ate into my already small profits.

There were two reasons I could not increase my prices above $3.00:

1. My socks were plain and generic - many other eBay sellers were selling the same socks, so there was too much competition.

2. My supplier made socks of 'ok' quality, but not that great.  I could not charge a premium price for a basic product.

So I started looking for alternative suppliers on DHGate and AliExpress.com (both marketplaces for Chinese wholesalers and drop-shippers).

A range of plain color socks

They both had a good range of socks at very low prices - many more than I could get from the one seller I was trading with before.

But there was a much wider range of cool patterns and colours on DHGate than Ali Express, and DHGate also had some really good discount coupons too.

Then I started to look at other sources - paid directories like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands.  
These are both directories of wholesalers - and you need to pay a membership fee for access, but they seemed good.  I just did not have the money to join at the time.

In the end I decided to try out a few sock drop-shippers that I found on DHGate - because they had some unique designs that were better than what I was already selling, really low prices (plus coupons) and I could see that they had very good ratings from previous customers on the DH Gate site.

I was able to sell these new socks for as much as $12 a pair on eBay - because nobody else sold the same designs, they were of better quality and were shipped much faster.

Here's a range that were my best money-makers in 2017:
a range of cool art themed socks from a drop shipper I found on Worldwide Brands

That's a 321% ROI - buying for $2.85 and selling for $12 - and I also had fewer refunds as well, as shipping and quality were much better.

Later I set up my own store, where I was able to up-sell and cross sell to increase the average basket value for my business.

All of this ultimately because I'd found a better product.

Finding a good supplier can be the difference between success and failure when selling on eBay or your own e-commerce store.

Anyway, I'll come back to my sock shop story later.  For now, back to my review of DHGate.com - where I found the three new suppliers that turned my small online business around.

What is DHGate?

DHGate is a marketplace of independent Chinese wholesalers and drop shippers.

When you buy through DHGate, you are buying from one of these sellers, although DHGate handles the transaction.  It's a lot like when you buy something on eBay, but DHGate offers a refund guarantee on all purchases.

As of April 2018 there are over 10 million products available to buy on DHGate and there are around 1 million registered sellers.

Like on eBay, sellers on DHGate.com have ratings from their customers, like this:
 Seller ratings example on DHGate.com

These ratings are how you can tell if a seller is trustworthy, and they include a lot of detail - such as the item quality, shipping times and seller's communication ratings.

Ratings for each seller are compared to the average for DHGate, so you can easily see if a seller is relatively good or bad.

DHGate.com seller ratings in detail


DHGate also offers protection for buyers - for example, if your order never arrives or it's not as described they will offer a refund.

Many of the people who buy on DHGate are eBay, Amazon or other e-commerce businesses - but there are a number of individuals who buy through it as well.

Some of the top selling items are wedding dresses and electronics - and there are no minimum orders for over 90% of the items on DHGate, which makes it a good place to buy for yourself, or to source goods to drop ship to your customers.

Like when buying on eBay or Amazon, when you buy on DHGate.com you pay through the DHGate website - your payment card details are never shared with any individual seller.  DHGate accepts all major cards.

DHGate offers lower prices than you are likely to see on other sites - even AliExpress.com - and as it's less well known you get more unique products on DHGate.

Coupons for DH Gate are popular - and there are many of them

DHG also has a lot of coupons and discounts.  There's an automatic $3 off any new purchase through this link, as well as $5 off purchases of $50 or more and $30 off $1,500 or more.

There's a full list of the latest DHGate coupons here.

DHGate Reviews: Is DHGate Legit?

There seem to be a lot of people asking questions like "is DHGate a scam?" and "is DHGate safe to buy from?".

DHGate is a legitimate site with millions of members that's been trading since 2004 - it's certainly not a scam and while the quality of sellers on any wholesale marketplace can vary, with DHGate you can check their customer ratings before risking any money.

This is a key advantage DHGate.com has over my original way of finding a supplier - when I was just searching on Google.

With my original supplier, I had to place a small test order before I trusted them to buy in bulk - and as I had to wait weeks for the first shipment to arrive, this was a really slow way of checking their reliability.

Slow delivery is normal

However, with DHGate you can see the reviews that previous customers have left for each seller.

This is a very accurate indicator of how trustworthy the seller is and much faster and cheaper than doing test orders.

The reason is that DHGate only pays the seller once you (the customer) have confirmed that your purchase is acceptable.  A seller will not get paid if they supply poor quality goods and their ratings will be obviously bad.

A potential alternative to DH Gate, but an expensive one at up to $299 for membership, is to join a directory of certified suppliers like Worldwide Brands or Salehoo and buy through them.

The downside to a directory is the membership fee - World Wide Brands costs $299 to join while DHGate is free to join and use.

There are some other Worldwide Brands reviews (and discounts) online, so if you have the money to spend and you're looking to buy in large quantities, it may be worth looking into, but I'm not going to review any paid directories here.

However, for most people, the ratings and guarantees offered by DHGate will be more than enough to buy wholesale products safely.

DHGate Reviews: How Does DHGate Work?

Buying through DHGate is about as straight forward as buying through eBay.  You buy on the DHGate site, but you're actually buying from a 3rd party seller who's listed goods for sale there.

DHGate handles the transaction and you will be notified when your order has been received, and later when it's been shipped.  Many suppliers offer tracked and 'ePacket' shipping, so you'll receive a notification when it arrives if you select this.

After payment, you will deal with the seller rather than DHGate, unless you escalate a complaint.  The staff at DHGate are good, but it's often best to contact a seller directly if you are unhappy - they will be helpful as they want to protect their ratings on the site.

Delivery speed


In my experience shipping is often much faster than estimated, but still slower than buying from a domestic supplier as the products are shipped from China.  Packages take 1-3 weeks to reach the USA, Australia, Canada or Europe.

Here's a quick video about buying on DHGate.com:

DHGate Review on Youtube

If you don't have time for the video - essentially the key points are:

  • DHGate is easy to use and has a lot of products to buy
  • Buying in bulk on DHGate will get you significant unit cost savings
  • However, most sellers will supply single units to individuals too
  • DHGate.com is a legitimate site, trusted by resellers on eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • If you buy on DHGate, shipping by China Post is slower than DHL or FedEx.
  • Look at the seller ratings before you buy - make sure they are good
  • There are coupons available for both first and repeat orders

Buying on DHGate is very cheap and it's easy to find good quality sellers.  There are many DHGate coupons available as well, especially for larger orders.

It's also useful to have so many sellers in one place.  When I started my sock business on eBay, I had only one supplier that I found manually.

But when I moved to buying wholesale goods through DHGate I had access to hundreds just in my small niche.

Be aware though that shipping via China Post can be slow, often taking 1-3 weeks for the goods to arrive, although tracking will be available.

If you buy in large quantities, it makes sense to upgrade to DHL or FedEx shipping, and DHGate offers these alternatives at usually between $5 and $25.

DHGate Review: The Positive

There are some good reasons to buy through DHGate:

  • Prices on DHGate are very low - and even lower if you buy in bulk.  There are coupons for bigger orders too

  • Over 10 million products listed by active sellers - their range is unmatched

  • Suppliers ship to addresses around the world

  • DHGate offers lower prices than similar sites (like Ali Express) as it's not as well known and not as 'saturated'

  • Many suppliers offer free delivery, even on single units.  Be aware this will be standard delivery though - which is slow, but you can often track it or upgrade to faster shipping for about $5-25 (with FEdEx, DHL, etc.)

  • There's no joining fee or memberships costs for DHGate

  • If a product is not as described or does not arrive then DHGate offers a refund, as they do not pay sellers until the item has been received

  • Every seller is rated in detail based on their product quality, shipping time, delivery options and customer service - so you can see if they are reliable before buying

  • Sellers trade both in bulk and single units - with individuals and businesses.  For example, DHGate is one of the largest retailers of wedding dresses in the world

  • Reliability is better on DHGate than similar sites.  Most sellers offer good quality products - because they would not earn any money otherwise and have a bad rating

  • Lots of trend products are available at really low prices - like the socks I sell.  It's easy to find 'on trend' stuff to sell cheaply

  • Integrates with apps for Shopify - like Dropified

  • Used by many eBay and Amazon sellers - you'll often see stuff on DHGate being resold on these sites at a large profit margin

  • DHGate has high ratings on review sites - like TrustPilot and SiteJabber.com

  • DHGate has an app that's available on Google and Apple

DHGate Review: The Negatives

  • Nearly all sellers are based in China, so shipping is slow to the USA, Canada, Europe, etc.

  • Suppliers are not certified like in paid directories, but you can make an informed decision based on their ratings

DHGate is a great place to find low priced wholesale goods, but shipping is often slow unless you pay extra (about $5-25) for DHL or FedEx.

If you buy in medium to large quantities, because of the low prices on DHGate and coupons available, the extra cost of speedy delivery per unit is small.

Delivery logo - DHGate reviews

DHGate Review: Conclusion

DHGate a good site to find low priced goods from China.  Despite the low prices, it's a legitimate site and a great source of both wholesale goods and really cheap one off purchases.

There are millions of products in a range of niches and there are tools that are there to help you filter the good suppliers from the bad.

You can easily see how reliable a seller is, how good their products are and how fast their shipping is from reviews on the DHGate site - like on eBay but much more detailed.

DHGate has the lowest priced goods, especially if you buy in bulk - for which there are also larger discount coupons available.

Most importantly, there are no minimum orders - so you can buy just single units if you want to.

DHGate logo and official site

Slow delivery is the only problem with DHGate - and when I've bought in bulk I've paid extra (about $5-25) for fast shipping, which does more economical when you place a large order (you can also get extra coupons for large orders).

But if I was drop-shipping to my customers from China that extra shipping fee would be too expensive, and without it shipping takes 1-3 weeks to the USA.

So if you are building an online store and need fast delivery from a drop shipper, finding a US based supplier through Worldwide Brands may be better.

All of WWB's suppliers are certified and are based mostly in North America and Europe - which means fast shipping. However, prices can be higher than DHGate, so there is a trade-off.

Ultimately, DHGate is great for anyone who wants to buy a one off item cheaply (e.g. a wedding dress) or a business that's looking to buy goods to re-sell, as it's probably the cheapest source of good quality stuff online.

Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are more niche - it's probably best for a business that's looking for a list of US based drop-shippers with fast shipping that can afford fees of up to $249 just to join.

Click here to see the best offers and coupons from DHGate and get up to $30 off your first order.

End of my DHGate review

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Notes Only Below - Please Scroll Up for DHGate reviews

Only notes to this article are below - please see above for my DHGate review.

You're not getting discounts quite as steep since you'll get with different websites, though quite frequently you will get around fifty percent off - and DHGate is no different. In addition, you're taking a look at steep discounts on DHGate. Rates aren't the lowest on the marketplace, and you may be in a position to locate a bit cheaper elsewhere, yet this site has a superior reputation for providing quality merchandise, therefore it may be well worth paying a bit more for peace of mind. Rates are excellent here, although the selection isn't quite as big as it's on other websites. You're looking at some awesome prices here with huge discounts, and they've got all your favorite teams from a selection of countries, including more difficult to discover European and Russian teams.  Please also read my recently published review of Clickbank University, I hope you find that helpful too - if you are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing.  Later I wrote this Wealthy Affiliate review as well, for those interested in affiliate marketing and online business.

Wedding dresses sourced from DHGate.com

Cocktail dresses are a little more informal.  Wedding dresses are a very popular product on DHGate. Wholesale bridesmaid dresses can be bought for getting the more affordable rates that can provide you a perfect fit with best curves.

As you're buying from third-party sellers, you've got to look at each and every seller you buy from on DHgate. Sellers on DHgate offer an immense array of goods from China at very attractive rates.

The Master Dealer on DHGate will become your entry point into stating out a company in the cellular phone market. Or it may be Master Dealers that aren't doing very well. Master dealers become paid on each one of the activations that you produce for them.

The DHGate website is safe, secure, and supplies customer service to make sure that customers are ready to track their orders. Make certain that the site appears authentic and is reputable. Their website is every bit as great and features a number of the very best dress designers around. Also, you will come across lots more info about pageants and beauty pageant tips by clicking the aforementioned links. Therefore, make sure that you scan through these lists to avoid buying from an unethical site. Just click the NHL button and you'll receive a list of all of the main US and Canadian teams to pick from.

One of the main advantages of DHGate is that it has an official app that's available on Google and Apple.  Your supplier will often supply you with the FOB price, meaning the goods are loaded onto the ship. Most Chinese companies accept wire transfer for a default payment option, as DHGate does as well.

Shipping and payment fees ought to be thought to be well. The expenses of shipping in China is extremely affordable - that's why DHGate is so popular. Another may provide high rates and free delivery. It's so easy and simple to implement, yet still an amazingly effective method of purchasing products BELOW eBay rates. Many bargains are available on DHGate. The deals change constantly, and that means you are going to want to check in often to make sure to don't miss a superior bargain on something you require for yourself or your loved ones. Though it's a retail shop on sites like Shopify, you may discover nice and profitable deals.

DHGate Review: How Much Profit Can you Make?

DHGate is only a website - a tool for someone looking to buy cheaply from China and resell online.  Therfore DHGate review cannot on it's own make you money - it's all about how you use sites like DHGate and AliExpress that counts. This is my review of DHGate.com, but there are other reviews online as well.

Only after will it be possible to decide on if it's truly less costly than CIF shipping on DHGate. The most popular shipping technique is FOB shipping. Meaning that generally it is irrelevant wherever your order from, you're very likely to get products of the exact same quality and origin.

When you have accepted it again you won't need to resubmit for at least 1 year. The principal thing you want her to do is to get an excellent moment. There's typically a lot of wait time backstage, so be certain to take things to entertain your little girl. DHGate is a good site.

What are the Alternatives to DH Gate?

The top alternatives to DHGate are AliExpress (Part of alibaba.com), Salehoo and Worldwide Brands - both the former are paid wholesaler directories, and are quite similar to DHGate , while AliExpress is the most similar.

There are also Doba and Oberlo (a tool for buying from drop shippers on Ali Express), but thee are only for drop shipping, whereas DHGate offers wholesalers also.  DHGate is a directory of wholesalers and drop shippers, not just a drop shipping service like Doba is.

AliExpress.com is the main alternative to DHGate

Some wholesale perfume might actually be a bit pricier than others (on DHGate or elsewhere) but it doesn't matter as you will need to make certain that the rates are decent but most importantly that it's an upstanding wholesaler. 

According to him, there are several affected companies, including big corporations. It's well worth making a perfume business solely for the ease that includes getting the goods. Most business is now able to be accomplished by world wide web. The insurance companies don't cover the price of these expensive devices.

DHGate Review - Final Notes

Hopefully you have found this DHGate review useful - in summary, I want to say that DH Gate is a really large and useful marketplace for anyone looking for wholesale goods.

Should you do a little bit of research premier before jumping into something as soon, you would discover that your work of trading aesthetics wares would be quite functional and pleasurable. Another large difference differentiating DHgate from Alibaba lies in the procedure transaction service it gives. You will have to look for signs that will indicate the degree of your Master Dealer's customer services. Where to buy CBD oil is also a topic of interest - there are not many wholesalers of this product in the USA or UK at the moment.

A great deal of my clients want blonde etc I should find a few really good coloured hair not just virgin. Bella Dream customers are content with the business.

Deciding to undergo a hair transplant procedure isn't one a guy or woman arrives to lightly. The DHGate replica watch list is going to be updated monthly or once every couple of months.

Their website is safe, secure, and offers customer service to be certain that customers are ready to track their orders. Its when things go wrong that you are able to judge the serious of a web site. Now plenty of websites use testimonials to boost the credibility of their website, nothing wrong with that. Their website is just as great and features a number of the ideal dress designers around. Make certain that the site appears authentic and is reputable. Among the websites which deal with all popular brands at an extremely affordable rate is DHGate.

I hope you have found this DHGate review helpful, and don't forget there are many more DHGate reviews online as well. It's a popular site and a good place to find wholesale products from China, but I do recommend Worldwide Brands as my number one option over DHGate as it's a curated list and is very easy to use.  I do hope you have found this DHGate review useful.