Our Story

So are you wondering how we started out as a family who eats whole foods?  Well here is our story:

It all started in 2006 when my husband and I felt the Lord calling us to sell our home in the suburbs and move to the country.  What the county life was going to hold for us we were unsure of, but we were excited about the prospects.  

During the process of selling our home we were introduced to Diane Craft and her Biology of Behavior.  (To check out Diane Craft's website you can go to www.dianecraft.org)  At once my husband and I knew we needed to make changes in our diet to help our two sons (one who was diagnosed at that time with Asperger Syndrome and the other who dealt with sensory and speech issues).

So, the changes began in the kitchen and in taking supplements and ended up with changing our view of an ideal country setting to that of a hobby farm.  It was only a matter of a month into our new diet when we already realized the transforming power of whole foods and how when eating food the way that God had originally designed them to be eaten, we could live free of the food related effects that had held our family captive - Asperger Syndrome, sensory issues, depression, speech issues, bowel issues and the like had all been healed in the matter of a year.  God was at work, but little did we know how much work He still had ahead of us.

The learning curve was steep, but over the two short years to follow we learned to bake bread starting from wheat berries, how to raise our own chickens for meat and eggs, how to milk a cow and make all of our own dairy products, and how to grow gardens that would supply all our vegetable and fruit needs throughout the year. 

The life we maintain now in the country is not where we ever dreamed we would be 10 short years ago.  And, even though the life we are living now was not forged in our dreams of what the future was to hold for us, we do know that it was forged in the mind of God.  As we approach each day on our farm we realize that not only has God given us a quiet respite away from the busyness of the world, but He has also provided us with the ability to learn more about Him, to grow in our character, and to reach out and share from the bounty from which He has blessed us with - it all started with the willingness to go where God was calling.

So, what is God calling you to do?  Just know that with His calling "..all things are possible..."!

May you be blessed also as you pursue the yearnings that God has put in your heart!
Peggy Ployhar