Bitcoin Business Wishlist

This is a list of business ideas that we would really want to see in the Bitcoin community.
If you have any idea, please post a comment.
  • P2P reputation system
    I know that early Bitcoin adopter/developer sirius wrote about addressing this. Hopefully it is something he still wants to pursue.
  • A way to manage risk with credit cards to BTC. Everyone knows that the biggest obstacle for Bitcoin success is the difficulty obtaining BTC from an easy payment method such as credit card. Right now (2013 April), a lot of people are curious to see what this whole thing is all about, and it is a damn shame it isn't easier. I'm suggesting a platform where people with BTC who are willing to take risk meet with people who have USD. It would work such that the BTC people specify a risk profile, essentially a score function. Just as an example, a factor contributing to an increased score could be that the user login with a Facebook profile AND that his profile was created at least two years ago. AND/OR that he logins on the Bitcoin-OTC and has a reputation over 10. And on and on. Pick the ones that you feel comfortable with.

    Transfers can be pooled together, kind of like a microloan service (but not really since this is not lending).