Ryan Lewis | Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado, Boulder 

 +1 (303) 492 2820 | ryan.c.lewis@colorado.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Asset Pricing with Financial Intermediaries, Bankruptcy, Empirical Asset Pricing, Climate Finance

Working Paper(s)

The Perceived Value of Pension Funding: Evidence from Border House Prices with Darren Aiello, Asaf Bernstein, Mahyar Kargar, and Michael Schwert
Presentations: SFS Cavalcade, Red Rock, AFA, FIRS

The Effects of Transparency on OTC Market-Making with Michael Schwert
Presetations: SFS Cavalcade, BOE Conference on Market Transparency

Corporate Debt Markets and Recovery Rates with Vulture Investors
Presentations: WFA, FMA, EFA, Blackrock Applied Research Award Finalist, Colorado Winter Finance Summit (PhD paper session)

Same Firm, Different Betas
Presentations: AFA, Colorado Finance Summit

Crowded Ratings: Clientele Effects in the Corporate Bond Market with Francisco Gomes and Jordan Nickerson
Presentations: FIRS, AFA, WFA SFS Cavalcade

Investor Betas with Shri Santosh and Lorenzo Bretscher
Presentations: EFA, WFA, NBER, UBC Winter, Cavalcade*

The Costs of Hedging Disaster Risk and Home Prices: Evidence from Flood Insurance with Shan Ge and Ammon Lam


Sea Level Rise Exposure and Municipal Bond Yields with Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Matthew Gustafston and Michael Schwert. Conditionally Accepted: RFS
Presentations: OSU Energy, AFA, OSU Muni Conference

Do Market Prices Improve the Accuracy of Court Valuations in Chapter 11? with Cem Demiroglu and Julian Franks.  Forthcoming Journal of Finance. Presented at: NBER Summer Institute (Law and Economics), SFS Cavalcade, WFA, EFA, FMA, Finance Down Under

Disaster on the Horizon: The Price Effect of Sea Level Rise with Asaf Bernstein and Matthew Gustafson.  Journal of Financial Economics.  Second Prize AQR Insight award.  Presented at WFA and EFA

Partisan Residential Sorting on Climate Change Risk with Asaf Bernstein, Steven Billings and Mathew Gustafson. Journal of Financial Economics. Presented at WFA, PRI Acadmic Network, NBER SI, SITE

Ryan Lewis | Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado, Boulder 

 +1 (303) 492 2820 | ryan.c.lewis@colorado.edu